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Years of Wonders PDF is an interesting and informative novel that belongs to the genre of Historical Fiction. The author Geraldine Brooks writes this fiction novel. Viking Press published this novel in the year 2001 for the first time. The novel is written behind the story of an experience that is famous in an English village.

It is a small village in Derbyshire, in which a great number of its population destroy in case of a disease. The figure of its citizen who is destroyed by the plague is around about 67% in total.

This fascinating book is obtainable for download in different versions and formats including PDF, Paperback, and others. So, don’t wait to download it and read this marvelous novel.

Summary of Years of Wonders

The theme of the Years of Wonders PDF story is based on the trouble of villagers who lived in Eyam. The whole population of this village is under the disease plague. Almost 67% of people are a part of this disease.

The story tells about the courage of villagers in this time of trouble. The people are frightened because this disease also seized many lives in Europe.

At the start of this virus, they separate themselves. Because they want to stop this disease. But they failed to stop it because the death rate is increasing day by day. At last, all villagers decide to care for all people who suffer from this disease, and those who are dead are buried of them with the help of each other. And try to save their self from the victims of the plague.

Years of Wonders Book Details

Book Years of Wonder
Author Geraldine Brooks
Language English
Published Date 2001
Publisher Viking Press
Category Historical Fiction
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 400

About the Author

The author belongs to Australia and is famous for writing Fiction novels. Geraldine Brooks works hards and after his soo much struggle, she won Pulitzer Prize in a competition.

Years of Wonders PDF

She read a bundle of books on Eyam History and then write such a classic novel. She is interested in writing different novels and reading different types of books from an early age.

In this novel, she explains the bravery of villagers in times of trouble. She completed his early education in America and then start writing.

The author starts his research on the plague and continues her work for a long period. After researching she write a proper novel on this topic. According to the author, it is a true story and a great number of people face this disease.

Years of Wonders Book Multiple Languages Editions

This book is translated into different languages. Everyone who wants to read this book can check it in any language.

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Years of Wonders PDF Free Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What century is Years of Wonders set?

This fantastic novel is set in the seventeen century for the first time.

What religion is in Years of Wonders?

Judaism and Islam are the main religions that are introduce in this novel.

Is Years of Wonders based on a true story?

Yes, according to the author of this novel, it is a real and true story.

Who are the main characters in Years of Wonders?

Anna Frith, Michael Mompellion, and George Viccars are some main characters. All of these are illuminate in the novel.

What happens at the end of the Years of Wonders?

In the end, villagers, work with unions, They help each other to care for ill and sick friends and take steps to prevent the plague.

Are there a Years of Wonders pdf movie?

No, never this novel is not adjusted in any movie and film till now.


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