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World War Z pdf is a novel written by Max Brooks. This novel was published by Crown Publishing on September 12, 2006. The novel is about World War Z, and it is a zombie apocalypse. This novel is from the perspective of different people who are survivors of the war.

The novel has been made into a movie, which was released in 2013. The movie was directed by Marc Forster, and it starred Brad Pitt. The movie was generally well-received by critics, and it made $540 million at the box office.

If you take interest in World War Z, then you should definitely check out the novel. It is a great story, and it will give you a better understanding of the events of the war. This interesting book is attainable in different formats including paperback, audiobook, hardcover, and others.

Summary of World War Z 

The story tells of the world’s struggle against a zombie plague. The novel is a collection of individual accounts narrated by an agent of the United Nations Postwar Commission, following the devastating global conflict against the zombie plague.

It recounts the history of “World War Z” or “The Zombie World War”. The book covers the origins of the outbreak, the struggle to contain it, and the world’s eventual triumph. The novel is unique in that it is told from the perspective of multiple characters around the world who have survived the war.

This allows for a more global view of the conflict, as opposed to most zombie fiction which takes place from the perspective of a single character or group of characters.

World War Z Book Details

Book World War Z
Author Max Brooks
Language English
Published Date 2006
Publisher Crown Publishing
Category Horror, Post-apocalyptic fiction
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 342

About the Author

Max Brooks is an American writer and author of World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, as well as The Zombie Survival Guide. He has also written for television and film. His work often deals with zombie apocalypse scenarios and post-apocalyptic worlds.

World War Z was in 2006 by Crown Publishing and became a best-seller. It was adapted into a 2013 film of the same name, starring Brad Pitt.

World War Z pdf

Maxwell Aaron “Max” Brooks was born on May 22, 1972, in New York City, and was raised in Los Angeles, California. He is the son of actress and writer Anne Bancroft and director, producer, writer, and comedian Mel Brooks. Brooks graduated from Pitzer College in 1994 with a bachelor’s degree in history.

His book The Zombie Survival Guide, released in 2003, is a non-fiction work containing detailed plans for survival during a zombie apocalypse. It sold more than one million copies and was attainable in several languages.

World War Z Book Multiple Languages Editions

For the interest of all audiences, this amazing book is attainable in a great number of languages.

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World War Z PDF Free Download

Here, this book is completely ready for download and you can get it easily.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is World War Z a true story?

No, It is not a true story. It is a work of fiction. However, the book is based on the real world.

What is the grade level of World War Z?

The World War Z PDF is best for grades 9-12. However, the book may be appropriate for younger or older readers as well.

How scary is World War Z?

World War Z may be scary for some readers. It contains violence and gore, as well as scenes of emotional distress.

How many pages is World War Z?

This classic book contains 342 pages long.

What are the different types of zombies in World War Z?

There are four different types of zombies includes fast zombies, slow zombies, feral zombies, and intelligent zombies.


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