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We Were Liars PDF is a classic novel that belongs to the genre of Young Adult Fiction. E. Lockhart is the actual and original writer of this e-book. From the time of its release, it evolves New York Times Bestseller. In the year 2014, this book was published for the first time.

The story is written in the background of some young fellows. The group of these friends made plans to expend their summer on an island. The group of these fellows is known by the name “the Liars”. And a strategy is happening with this group that is affected by a tragic accident. They tried their hard to save themselves.

For all readers who are interested to read this fantastic young adult novel, it is obtainable in different formats including pdf, paperback, and ppt. So, don’t wait to download this e-book and enjoy reading this novel.

Summary of We Were Liars

The story is written on the characters of wealthy young fellows. All of these fellows decide to expend their summer vacations on an entire island off the coast of Massachusetts. One of the Liars from this group was affected in an accident.

She tried their hard to protect herself from this accident. Grapple feel guilty and grief at all times because they try their effort. All of these teenage fellows found themselves in trouble.

The story of these young teenage fellows is very memorable and reasonable. It is a very interesting novel for all readers and if anyone from all of you is interested to read dark stories then it is obtainable in pdf and paperback formats.

We Were Liars Book Details

Book We Were Liars
Author E. Lockhart
Language English
Published Date 2014
Publisher Delacorte Press
Category Young Adult Fiction
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 256

About the Author

The real author of this interesting e-book is E. Lockhart. In the year 2014, this novel was completed and published for the first time. The year of birth of the author is 1967. Her original name is Emily Jenkins.

We Were Liars PDF

The name of the writer is included in the famous writers of America. She writes a vast variety of novels about young adult fiction series. After completing her early education in high school the writer joins Northwestern University.

Where she got a degree of bachelor in the subject of English. After completing her qualification the author E. Lockhart started writing. E. Lockhart takes interest in writing young adult fiction from an early age.

She lives with her mother and her sisters. She is also takes interest in reading different interesting illustrated books. This book is one of the famous works of the author in the writing industry.

We Were Liars Book Multiple Languages Editions

We Were Liars PDF book has been attainable in multiple languages and is available in many different countries.

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We Were Liars PDF Free Download

This interesting book is available for download and you will have to just click on the download button.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is We Were Liars by e Lockhart a series?

No, never this is related to a stand-alone novel and it is not a piece of any type of series.

How many pages are in We Were Liars?

There are a total of two hundred and fifty-six pages available for every reader to read this book.

Who is the author of We Were Liars?

E. Lockhart is the main author of this e-book.

What is the genre of We Were Liars?

This interesting e-book is related to the genre of Young Adult Fiction.

What is E. Lockhart’s real name?

Emily Jenkins is the actual name of the author. She is a very famous and well-known American writer.

Is the book We Were Liars a true story?

No, never it is just fiction and it is not related to any real and true story.


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