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The Vampire Diaries PDF is a famous horror and romantic series which was mainly written and published by writer L. J. Smith a popular author. In the year 1991, this fantastic novel was published for the first time. This novel shows an interesting and shocking story.

This famous young Adult e-book is written a young girl in a high school. This story explains the themes in which a girl feels eventually torn between her two brothers. The novel explores actually the theme of Horror and Healing.

It is classified as a Fantasy genre. This horror storybook has a total of 16 chapters. Each chapter gives interesting themes and a series of horror stories. This story of Trill tells and introduces a lesson.

Summary of The Vampire Diaries

This story totally follows the character of a cute young girl. She feels alone among her two brothers. She cried and thrilled every time. In this novel, she wants the catch, Stefan because she loves her.

This fantastic story is about the feelings of the girl Elena and Stefan. Stefan is a boy, who comes to Elena’s school, after joining the school the girl fall in love with that boy. Basically, at the start, the story shows the feelings of love.

The real scene behind this novel is that the girl lost her parents. She lost her parents when she loved Stefan. Her parents were lost in a road accident. The original theme of this story is based on the love and romance series. This fantastic and interesting novel was released again in the year 2007 and got popular.

The Vampire Diaries Book Details

Book The Vampire Diaries
Author L. J. Smith
Language English
Published Date 1991
Publisher Julie Plec
Category Fantasy
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 125

About The Author

L. J. Smith is a popular and familiar books and novels writer who belongs to America. She is very famous for his famous novel The Vampire Diaries. In Orange Country of America, The author of this novel was born. She was born in September in the year 1958.

The Vampire Diaries

The author completed his education at the famous university of California. She started teaching in his early career but later left the field of teaching and started writing books and novels. The author wrote this book in the English Language.

He wrote different types of fantastic horror series, Fantasy series, and romance series. The journey of his career that started from an elementary school teacher to an author is very interesting.

His famous book The Vampire Diaries Pdf was finally released in the year 2011 and it is a very interesting novel by the author.

The Vampire Diaries Book Multiple Languages Editions

If you want to read this book then it is available for you in different multiple languages.

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The Vampire Diaries PDF Free Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the book The Vampire Diaries about?

This book is written behind the scene of a love story. In which a teenage girl falls in love with a boy.

Who is the main character in The Vampire Diaries?

The character of little girl Elena is highlighted as the main character in this novel.

Who wrote the first Vampire Diaries book?

L. J. Smith is the main and original author of this book. He is famous for writing novels and books.

When were The Vampire Diaries books written?

This fantastic book was written and published by a well-known designer in the year 1991.

Is Ugly Love worth reading?

There are a lot of readers who always remain in search of this fantastic book. It is worth reading for all readers.


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