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The Stand PDF is a fantastic and interesting novel related to the Post-apocalyptic Fiction genre. This novel is mainly written by a famous American author named Stephen King. In the year 1978, this novel was published for the first time, and again this classic novel was republished in the year 1990.

The main story is written in the background of a pandemic killing in the case of the human race. A group of people decided to leave alive and reconstruct their lives. This novel show and tells about their scrabble and safety precautions.

Because of too much popularity of this novel total of four million copies have been sold out. Moreover. more interestingly this book is rephrased and reworded into twenty-five different languages. So, get it in any format like paperback, audiobook, or pdf.

Summary of The Stand

The story is written on the scene of Captain Trips in the United States. In the case of this virus, almost more than 99% population kills in the state of California. It is a very dangerous virus and spread all across the country in a very short period.

A group of few people who are remaining decided to leave this area. The novel expresses the scrabble of this group of survivors and their work to reconstruct their lives. The author divided this novel into three different interesting parts.

In the first section, the virus Captain Trips affect the life of people. The second section “On the Border”  explains in what way the group of people leaves the defective area. And in the third and last section  “In the End” the author describes their rebuild in new societies.

The Stand Book Details

Book The Stand
Author Stephen King
Language English
Published Date 1978
Publisher Doubleday
Category  Fiction
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 823

About the Author

The original writer of this novel is Stephen King. The writer is too much interested in writing and almost more than fifty novels written by the author are published and released in the industry. And more interestingly all of these novels are translated into twenty-five different international languages.

The Stand PDF

The year of the birth of the author is 1947. The real place of birth is Portland. He writes his whole life about the themes of Horror and suspense. His name is famous by different American Novelists.

In the year 1970, the author joins the University of Maine. He completed his bachelor’s degree from this university. He completed his degree in the subject of English. The author worked as a high school teacher after completing his bachelor’s degree.

His novel is now adjusted into different interesting TV series and different movie films. He wins different awards in different competitions for writing novels.

The Stand Book Multiple Languages Editions

The Stand PDF has been attainable in over 25 languages so that readers around the world can enjoy the novel.

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The Stand PDF Free Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the 4 parts of The Stand?

There are different parts of this book that are available below.

  • The Plague.
  • The Dreams.
  • The Betrayal.
  • The Stand.

What is the genre of The Stand?

This e-book belongs to the genre of Post-apocalyptic Fiction.

What was the book The Stand about?

This book describes the story of a group of people who work to their rebuild their life after leaving the affected city.

What is the ending of The Stand?

And the end of this story all good people who work with power win while the evil are losers.

Is The Stand a true story?

No, never it is just a work of fiction and it is not related to any type of real story.


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