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The Outsiders PDF is related to the genre of Young Adult novels. The actual author of this e-book is S.E. Hinton. In the year 1967, this book was published for the first time. The main theme according to this novel is Ponyboy Curtis and his friends.

In 1960 all of these poor brothers lives together in Tulsa. The story is written behind their bravery and unity. They love to form gangs or groups to face any difficulty togetherly from their rivals, the Socs.

In the year this book was adjusted into a famous film. The film was released and directed by Francis Ford Coppola. The book is attainable in various international languages almost equal to twenty-eight. And for the interest of people, this book is obtainable in different formats including paperback, and audiobooks.

Summary of The Outsiders

This story is written in the character of a boy Ponyboy Curti and his brothers. His brothers are known by the names Sodapop and Darry. All these brothers lived in Tulsa. All of these belong to the greaser’s group. And fight with rival gangs.

Once in the dark night, the boy with his friends attended a movie and suddenly rival gang attacked all of these fellows. After this, all of these go to church and are determined to stay the remaining night in church.

In church, the boy read a book, and after reading this book he will know about the main difference between both groups and he will be able to conclude. And he realizes that both gangs both groups are targets of circumstance. This is a very interesting book and has a meaningful lesson for readers.

The Outsiders Book Details

Book The Outsiders
Author S.E. Hinton
Language English
Published Date 1967
Publisher Viking Press
Category Young Adult
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 192

About the Author

The actual author of this story is S.E. Hinton. She is very popular and known as an American writer. In Oklahoma, the author is got soo much fame because of his work.

The Outsiders PDF

The real place of birth of author is Tulsa, the famous city of Oklahoma. The year of birth of the writer is 1948. She takes interest in writing novels from an early age. She started writing at sixteen years old and she release her first novel when she was nineteen.

According to the author because of the injustice of society to poor and rich children, she writes this novel. In every aspect poor child is seen in the eyes of anger and the rich is considered a hero.

She competes in different writing competitions and wins a great number of prizes. In the year 2014, she passed away from this world and she is famous among people today.

The Outsiders Book Multiple Languages Editions

The Outsiders pdf has been attainable in 28 languages. It is famous in schools and adapted for the stage and screen several times.

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The Outsiders PDF Free Download

In this section, this fantastic book is available for free download on our website.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are The Outsiders based on a true story?

No, never it is just a work of fiction to give lessons to different people.

What is the genre of The Outsiders?

This attractive e-book belongs to the genre of Young Adult Fiction.

How many pages is The Outsiders book?

This interesting book contains a total of 192 pages for all readers.

What is the main lesson of The Outsiders?

This story is about the injustice in our society for poor and rich children. Because of this reason poor think that they are outsiders.

What grade level reading is The Outsiders?

This story usually takes appropriate for seventh to twelve grape students in middle school.

What are some teachable moments in The Outsiders?

It can be used to teach about course conflict, gangs, and roughness. It can also be used to teach about the power of literature to change our perspective.


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