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The Color of Water PDF is a memoir by James McBride that was first published in 1995. The book chronicles McBride’s childhood and young adulthood, during which he discovers his true identity as a black man, despite being raised by his white mother.

The book was a bestseller and won several awards, including the National Book Award for Nonfiction. The story is about a young black boy, born to a white mother and a black father, who is raised by his white grandparents in an all-white neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.

The boy grows up not knowing anything about his father or his black heritage. When he starts school, he is teased and ridiculed by his classmates for being different. This novel is obtainable in several file structures including paperback, audiobook, and in PDF.

Summary of The Color of Water 

The story tells the fascinating and emotional journey of a black man who discovers the truth about his white mother, Ruth McBride Jordan. The book is set in the 1940s in America’s Deep South and chronicles James McBride’s childhood and young adulthood.

The story is narrated alternately by McBride and his mother, allowing readers to understand both characters’ perspectives. The story is ultimately one of hope and redemption, as James comes to understand and accept his mother’s past, and she in turn comes to terms with her own mixed-race identity.

The Color of Water PDF was published to critical acclaim in 1996 and has since become a classic of American literature. The book has been praised for its moving and intimate portrayal of family, race, and identity.

The Color of Water Book Details

Book The Color of Water
Author James McBride
Language English
Published Date 1995
Publisher Penguin Group
Category Memoir
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 301

About the Author

James McBride is an award-winning novelist, memoirist, and journalist. The debut novel of the author, The White Boy Shuffle, was a finalist for the National Book Award.

His memoir, The Color of Water, was an international bestseller and winner of the National Book Award. His most recent novel, Deacon King Kong, was a New York Times bestseller and won the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

The Color of Water pdf

McBride is also a musician and composer, and he has written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, and The New Yorker. He lives in Pennsylvania with his family. James McBride was born in 1957 in Brooklyn, New York. His mother, Ruth McBride, is white, and his father, Andrew Dansicker, is black.

When James was young, his parents divorced, and he and his siblings were raised by their mother in the all-white neighborhood of Sheepshead Bay. He takes interest in writing from an early age.

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The Color of Water PDF Free Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the main themes in The Color of Water?

The Color of Water explores themes of family, race, and identity. The story is an intimate portrayal of a mother and son’s relationship.

What does The Color of Water title mean?

The title of The Color of Water refers to the fact that water has no color. The book is about James McBride’s journey to understand his white mother’s past and her own mixed-race identity.

What is the significance of the bicycle The Color of Water?

The bicycle is a symbol of James’s childhood and his mother’s love. The bike is also a symbol of hope and possibility, as it represents James.

Why did Sam run away in The Color of Water?

Sam ran away because he was unhappy with his life. He felt like he didn’t belong, and he was searching for something else.

Who is the author of The Color of Water?

The author of The Color of Water is James McBride. McBride is an award-winning novelist, memoirist, and journalist.


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