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The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty PDF Free Download

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty PDF is a very amazing novel that is related to the genre of Erotic Romance. Anne Rice is the original author of this e-book. Finally, this e-book was published for the first time in the year 1983. The story is written behind the character of Briar Rose.

In this story, the main theme is the sexual awakening of Briar. The main story is divided into two parts. The first part is related to Beauty’s Punishment, and the second one is about Beauty’s Release. Because the author writes about sexual themes so few countries prohibited his books.

This book is attainable for download in different formats including paperback, audiobook, and others. So, you can download this e-book easily in pdf file structure from our website.

Summary of The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

The story is written in the character of a woman named Briar Rose. The author discusses the travels of a young lady who cussed to fall into a magical sleep after stinging her finger on a spindle. The author describes her sexual story.

After sleeping a large number of princes arrive there and wake the girl with a loving kiss. The novel is about the sexual behavior of a man. At any moment the girl found and discovers her new sexuality. Also describes different power that is held between man and women.

Because the novel contains sexual articles because of this reason different countries prohibited this novel. If you desire to read this sexual-type novel then download this novel in pdf file structure from our website and enjoy it.

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty Book Details

Book The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty
Author Anne Rice
Language English
Published Date 1983
Publisher Penguin Books
Category Erotic Romance
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 272

About the Author

The actual author of this e-book is Anne Rice. She is famous and known by the name A. N. Roquelaure. The real place of birth of the author in New Orleans. She was born in the year 1941.

the claiming of sleeping beauty pdf

She is very interested in writing novels and writes other numerous novels on fiction and non-fiction themes. The Vampire Chronicles series includes one of the most famous novels by the author. She also tours different countries of the world and she visited all places with her father.

She also involves and takes part in a great number of writing competitions and wins different prizes as a result. Her different famous novels are now adjusted into two different romantic films and movies, and also in TV dramas.

Each novel is obtainable and attainable in different international-level languages. If anyone from all of you is interested to read a novel by the author then it is available for download on our website.

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty Book Multiple Languages Editions

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty PDF is obtainable in different languages and you can read this book in any language of your interest.

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The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty PDF Free Download

This e-book is attainable for download on our website and you can download this story easily just by clicking on the mention button.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the genre of The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty?

This interesting novel is related to the genre of Erotic Romance Fiction.

When was the Claiming of Sleeping Beauty written?

In the year 1983, this novel was written by a well-popular author named Anne Rice.

What name did Anne Rice write under?

The author of this novel Anne Rice writes this fascinating novel under her pen name A. N. Roquelaure.

Is Sleeping Beauty Based on a true story?

No, this story has not related any touch to real life it is simply a work of fiction.

How old is the author Anne Rice?

The actual age of the writer is about seventy-three years.

When did Anne Rice write Interview with a vampire?

In the year 1976, the author of this book Anne wrote an interview.


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