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Sophie’s World PDF is a Norwegian novel by Jostein Gaarder. It follows the story of Sophie Amundsen, a 14-year-old girl who is introduced to the history of philosophy by Alberto Knox, a middle-aged philosopher.

The book was originally published in Norwegian in 1991, and it has been translated into many languages. Sophie’s World has sold over 40 million copies and has been made into a film and a television series.

The book is divided into two parts: “The World” and “Sophie’s World”. In the first part, Sophie is famous in the history of philosophy through a series of conversations with Alberto. The second part focuses on Sophie’s own thoughts and musings about life and the world around her.

This interesting e-book is obtainable in different formats including paperback, audiobook, hardcover, and also in PPT.

Summary of Sophie’s World 

Sophie’s World PDF is a novel by Jostein Gaarder. The novel tells the story of Sophie Amundsen, a Norwegian girl who is famous in the history of philosophy by her philosophical neighbor, Alberto Knox. The girl lives with her mother, Anne-Lise, and her father works in the family business of selling shoes.

Sophie is home-schooled by her mother and she spends most of her time reading, playing the violin, or biking around the neighborhood with her best friend Joanna. Sophie is a very curious girl and she is always asking questions about the world around her.

One day she finds a mysterious book in her mailbox with the title “Sophie’s World” and inside she finds a letter from Alberto Knox. Sophie starts to read the book and she is soon introduced to the history of philosophy. She learns about different philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, René Descartes, Baruch Spinoza, and others.

Sophie is fascinated by what she reads and she starts to question everything she knows about the world. Sophie’s World PDF is a great introduction to philosophy for people of all ages.

Sophie’s World Book Details

Book Sophie’s World
Author Jostein Gaarder
Language Norwegian
Published Date 1991
Publisher Aschehoug
Category Philosophical novel
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 518

About the Author

Jostein Gaarder is a Norwegian writer and teacher. He was born in Oslo in 1952. He attended the University of Oslo, where he studied philosophy, literature, and religion. After graduation, he became a high school teacher.

The author of this book writes several novels, including Sophie’s World PDF, which has been attainable in over fifty languages. He currently lives in Oslo with his wife and two children. The is famous for his work all across the globe.

Sophie's World pdf

Jostein Gaarder has said that the idea for Sophie’s World came to him while he was working as a high school teacher. He noticed that many of his students were not interested in the history of philosophy, so he decided to write a novel that would introduce them to the subject in a fun and engaging way.

Gaarder has also said that Sophie’s World is based on his own experiences as a philosophy student. He wanted to share his love of philosophy with others through the novel. Jostein Gaarder died on April 4, 2021, at the age of 68.

Sophie’s World Book Multiple Languages Editions

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Sophie’s World PDF Free Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Sophie’s World a good book?

Sophie’s World has been praised by many readers and critics. It is famous to be a classic novel in the genre of philosophy fiction.

How long does it take to read Sophie’s World?

The average reader will take about 15 hours to read Sophie’s World.

What age is Sophie’s World appropriate for?

Sophie’s World is appropriate for readers of all ages. It is a great introduction to philosophy for people of all ages.

What is the main theme of Sophie’s World?

The main theme of Sophie’s World is the history of philosophy.

Who is the author of Sophie’s World?

Jostein Gaarder is the author of Sophie’s World.


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