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Sapiens PDF is from the genre of non-fiction and mainly this e-book was written by a famous author known by the name Yuval Noah Harari. In the year 2011, this e-book was published for the first time. This story is written behind the background of The history of humans.

The author searches and explains history from the development of Homo sapiens in the twenty-first century. The writer presents history in different ways and explains how humans work in different fields and attain development in Cultural, biological, and technological ways.

For the interest and comfort of people, this e-book is obtainable in different formats including paperback, audiobook, PDF, and ppt file structures. At the current time, this book is rephrased into fifty international languages.

Summary of Sapiens

This e-book tells us about the history and development of humans. The author explains the man species known as Homo sapiens. The book contains information related to our species and started its survey from Africa.

The whole book is divided into four different and amazing parts. In the first section, the author discusses the development of Homo sapiens. And describes in what way humans make progress physically and cognitively.

While in the second part, the author searches on human history and started from the dawn of civilization to the current time. He pays attention to development and focuses on the cities.

In the third section, the author looks toward the future. He searches and explains different challenges that are faced by us. He also discusses in detail different challenges that are faced by our species including weather change and nuclear war.

In the last section, he explains and explores the meaning of Sapiens and discusses the significance of the story. This story is attainable in different file structures for every reader.

Sapiens Book Details

Book Sapiens
Author Yuval Noah Harari
Language English
Published Date 2011
Publisher Dvir Publishing House
Category Non-Fiction
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 443

About the Author

The main author of this book was Yuval Noah Harari. The real place of birth of the author was Isreal. The year of the birth of the author is 1976. In the year 2002, the author joins Oxford University and achieve the degree of Ph.D.

sapiens pdf

After completing his qualification the author visited the University of Jerusalem and started teaching the subject of History. Yuval also writes different novels and books related to History. He is known for his work all across the globe.

He is a mastermind in the department of History and International relationships. Yuval involves and takes part in different writing competitions and also wins different prizes at the international level.

His famous book Sapiens PDF is rephrased into different languages almost equal to fifty. For your interest and comfort, this book is attainable in different structures like pdf, hardcover, and others.

Sapiens Book Multiple Languages Editions

This e-book is obtainable and rephrased in numerous languages anyone can easily read this book in any language.

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Sapiens PDF Free Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Sapiens worth reading?

This book is very informative and everyone wishes to read this book. It is perfect for all readers.

What is the message of Sapiens?

The message conveys in this story is about the success and development of human and their struggle to achieve it.

What religion is Noah Harari?

The author of this book belongs to the religion of Jewish.

What genre of book is Sapiens?

This interesting book is related to the genre of non-fiction. The author has written all stories on non-fiction themes.

Is Sapiens a true story?

No, this story is not related to any true story, and the author has written it just as a fiction work.


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