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Pride and Prejudice pdf is a popular novel written by Jane Austen and published in 1813. Pride and Prejudice is a classic English romance novel that follows the Bennet family as they try to marry off their five daughters. The novel has sold over 20 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling books of all time.

The themes explored in this novel include class, marriage, courtship, money, and love. It examines how social norms influence individual decisions and relationships within families. Pride and Prejudice also deal with issues of prejudice based on gender roles and social expectations.

This pdf is available in many formats including ebooks, audiobooks, paperbacks, hardcore paperbacks, and e-books. This novel was also adapted into various films, television series, and even a musical. This book is available for free download on our website in PDF file format.

Summary of Pride and Prejudice 

The novel tells the story of telling the story of Elizabeth Bennet, the second eldest daughter of the Bennet family, who lives in the English countryside of Longbourn. Pride and Prejudice pdf follows Elizabeth’s tells the story of telling the story of Elizabeth Bennet, the second eldest daughter of the Bennet family, who lives in the English countryside of Longbourn.

This classic pdf follows Elizabeth’s interactions with various individuals and the development of her relationships with other characters. Pride and Prejudice pdf focuses on the themes of love, marriage, social class, and wealth. The novel begins with Mr. Bennet receiving news that a wealthy gentleman named Mr. Bingley is moving into the neighborhood and intends to rent Netherfield Park.

This causes much excitement in the Bennet household as Mrs. Bennet hopes that one of her five daughters will marry him. Meanwhile, Mr. Darcy, Mr. Bingley’s friend from college arrives at Netherfield and becomes an object of interest for many young women including Elizabeth Bennet.

Pride and Prejudice Book Details

Book Pride and Prejudice
Author Jane Austen
Language English
Published Date 1813
Publisher T. Egerton, Whitehall
Category Romance
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 276

About the Author

Jane Austen was born in 1775 in Steventon, Hampshire to the Reverend George Austen and his wife Cassandra Leigh. Her childhood was spent largely in the country, enjoying walks and playing with her siblings.

As a young woman, she moved to Bath where she began writing this pdf. Austen remained unmarried throughout her life, although it is believed that she had two suitors – an Oxford clergyman and an Irishman who lived near her home.

Pride and Prejudice pdf

Both romances ended without marriage. Austen wrote six novels during her career: Pride and Prejudice pdf, Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, Emma, Northanger Abbey, and Persuasion as well as unfinished works.

Jane Austen passed away in 1817 at the age of 41 due to an unknown illness. She is buried in Winchester Cathedral and Pride and Prejudice pdf is arguably her most famous and successful novel.

Pride and Prejudice Book Multiple Languages Editions

Pride and Prejudice pdf is available in multiple international languages. You can study this book in any language.

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Pride and Prejudice PDF Free Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the main message of Pride and Prejudice?

The main message of this novel is that love, not social standing or wealth, should be the primary factor in marriage.

What is the theme of Pride and Prejudice?

The main theme of this novel is the importance of finding true love and happiness, despite social class differences and expectations.

How many pages are in Pride and Prejudice book?

Pride and Prejudice pdf is about 276 pages long.

What are Pride and Prejudice characters?

The main characters in Pride and Prejudice pdf are Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, Mr. Charles Bingley, and Jane Bennet.


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