Paradise Lost

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Paradise Lost pdf is an epic poem written by the English poet John Milton and first published in 1667 by Samuel Simmons. It is widely considered to be one of the greatest works of English literature and has been translated into many languages.

The story follows the biblical tale of Adam and Eve’s fall from Paradise, but takes a unique perspective on it, exploring themes such as justice, free will, and mortality. Paradise Lost is written in blank verse and follows a complex series of allegories and metaphors.

It has been published in various formats including pdf, e-book, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook. The poem has sold millions of copies worldwide since its first publication in the 17th century.

Summary of Paradise Lost 

Thie novel follows the story of the biblical tale of Adam and Eve’s fall from Paradise. It is an epic poem written by John Milton in 1667, which describes the fall of mankind from Paradise to their eventual exile on Earth. Paradise Lost is divided into twelve books and tells of how Satan, formerly Lucifer, rebels against God and leads a host of fallen angels into the temptation of Adam and Eve.

In this story of Paradise Lost, Milton has crafted an exploration of sin and its consequences. The poem is structured around a series of debates between God and his angels on the nature of Free Will and why mankind must suffer the punishment for their sins.

Paradise Lost contains many themes such as temptation, justice, love, power, religion, and free will. It begins with Satan’s banishment from Heaven and his journey to Eden, where he tempts Adam and Eve into disobeying God’s command. Satan is ultimately defeated by the Archangel Michael, leading to mankind’s fall from Paradise.

Paradise Lost Book Details

Book Paradise Lost
Author John Milton
Language English
Published Date 1667
Publisher Samuel Simmons
Category Epic Fantasy
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 380

About the Author

John Milton was born in London on December 9, 1608. He was educated at St Paul’s School in London before entering Christ’s College, Cambridge in 1625. At Cambridge, he studied Latin and Greek literature and was influenced by the works of ancient authors such as Ovid and Virgil.

After graduating in 1632, Milton moved to Horton where he devoted himself to writing. Paradise Lost was published in 1667 and is often regarded as one of the greatest works in English literature.

Paradise Lost

The Paradise Lost pdf is available online for download, making it easily accessible to those interested in studying this classic piece of literature. the author is very famous because of his work.

In 1642, Milton married Mary Powell who had a strong religious background. They had three children together before she left him in 1645 and returned to her father’s house. Milton and Mary eventually reconciled and had four more children together before she died in 1652.

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Paradise Lost PDF Free Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Paradise Lost a hard read?

Paradise Lost is not a hard read, despite its length and complexity.

What is the main story of Paradise Lost?

The main story of Paradise Lost is about the fall of mankind from Paradise. It follows Satan’s rebellion against God and his subsequent temptation of Adam and Eve.

What is the main theme of paradise Lost?

The main theme of Paradise Lost is the consequences of sin and how it affects mankind. It also explores themes such as temptation, justice, and love.

What kind of poem Paradise Lost is?

Paradise Lost is an epic poem written by John Milton in 1667. It is divided into twelve books.

How many pages are in Paradise Lost?

Paradise Lost is approximately 10,565 lines long and contains around 380 pages.


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