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Out of Africa, pdf is a book written by Isak Dinesen (pen name of Karen Blixen) that was published in 1937. The book is a memoir of Dinesen’s time living on a coffee plantation in Kenya from 1914 to 1931.

This novel was first published by Putnam in the United States and by Heinemann in the United Kingdom in 1937. The book’s main themes include the beauty of Africa, the complexity of African-European relations, the challenges of colonial life, and the role of memory and storytelling in shaping identity.

The book is a memoir, which means it is a non-fiction work that tells the author’s own life story. It is often categorized as creative nonfiction or literary nonfiction, as it employs literary techniques to tell the story of Dinesen’s life in Africa.

Out of Africa, pdf is available in several formats, including paperback, hardcover, e-book, and audiobook. It has been translated into many languages, making it widely accessible to readers around the world.

Summary of Out of Africa

This book is divided into several chapters, each one focusing on a particular aspect of Dinesen’s life in Africa. She describes the beauty of the landscape, the customs and traditions of the local people, and her relationships with both the African and European communities.

Dinesen also writes about her experiences as a coffee farmer, the challenges she faced in running the plantation, and the relationships she formed with her workers.

Throughout the book, Dinesen reflects on the complex relationship between the African and European cultures. She is critical of the way Europeans have exploited Africa for their own gain, but she also recognizes the value of the European influence on African society.

Out of Africa pdf is considered a classic of 20th-century literature and has been adapted into a successful movie. The book’s lyrical prose and vivid descriptions of African life have captivated readers for generations.

Out of Africa Book Details

Book Out of Africa
Author Isak Dinesen
Language English
Published Date 1937
Publisher Putnam
Category Memoir
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 368

About the Author

Isak Dinesen was the pen name of Karen Blixen, a Danish author who was born on April 17, 1885, and died on September 7, 1962. She was best known for her memoir “Out of Africa”, which detailed her experiences living on a coffee plantation in Kenya.

Blixen grew up in a wealthy family in Denmark and later married her second cousin, Baron Bror von Blixen-Finecke. Together, they moved to Kenya to start a coffee plantation, but their marriage quickly fell apart, and Blixen eventually took over the plantation on her own.

Out of Africa

During her time in Africa, Blixen became known for her close relationships with the local people, particularly the Kikuyu workers on her plantation. She also had a number of romantic relationships with European men, including her lover Denys Finch Hatton, who died in a plane crash in 1931.

After returning to Denmark, Blixen continued to write and publish stories and novels, including “Seven Gothic Tales” and “Winter’s Tales”. She was also known for her love of storytelling and often entertained guests with her tales of life in Africa.

Blixen’s writing has been praised for its vivid descriptions of the African landscape and its nuanced reflections on the complexities of African-European relations. She was a masterful storyteller and her work continues to captivate readers around the world.

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Out of Africa PDF Free Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the book Out of Africa about?

It is a memoir written by Isak Dinesen about her experiences living on a coffee plantation in Kenya from 1914 to 1931.

Is Out of Africa worth reading?

Yes, it is worth the read. This novel is considered a classic of 20th-century literature and is widely regarded as a must-read for anyone interested in memoir, creative nonfiction, or literary nonfiction.

How many pages are in Out of Africa?

This novel contains a total of 368 pages.

What is the genre of Out of Africa?

The genre of “Out of Africa” is a memoir, which is a non-fiction work that tells the author’s own life story.

Is Out of Africa a true story?

Yes, it is a true story. It is a memoir written by Isak Dinesen about her own experiences living on a coffee plantation.


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