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Matched Pdf is a popular pdf by Ally Condie comes in 2010. This is a best-selling young adult dystopian novel and the first in the Matched trilogy. It follows seventeen-year-old Cassia Reyes as she is Matched to her ideal mate, only to be told that her Match might not be what it seems.

The book has been praise for its themes of individuality, freedom, choice, and love. This classic pdf is available in print, ebook, audiobook, and Kindle formats. Since its publication in 2010, This Pdf has sold over 1 million copies around the world and continues to gain new readers every day.

Readers have praises Matched Pdf for its engaging storyline and powerful themes. The pdf has been praised for its emphasis on independence, free will, and choice. It also speaks to a young adult audience in a way that is both entertaining and informative.

Summary of Matched 

This is a young adult science fiction novel Matched by Allie Condie. This is the story of Cassia, a seventeen-year-old girl who lives in a futuristic society where the government controls every aspect of citizens’ lives.

The novel tells the story of how Cassia makes choices to defy the system and fight for freedom, love, and her own destiny. This novel has themes of conformity, individualism, choice, and love. It is in a society where the government controls every aspect of citizens’ lives.

People are Matched with their ideal partners when they turn seventeen and must adhere to a strict schedule each day. They are given food that is predetermined and it tastes exactly the same every day. People’s individual choices are limited and they are completely at the mercy of the government.

Matched Book Details

Book Matched
Author Ally Condie
Language English
Published Date 2010
Publisher Dutton Juvenile
Category Young Adult Fiction
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 366

About the Author

Ally Condie is an American author of young adult fiction. She is famous for Matched, the first book in her Matched trilogy. This novel comes in 2010 and was a New York Times Best Seller. It has been attainable in 34 languages. Her other works include Crossed, Reached, Atlantia, and Summerlost.

Ally Condie was born in June 1975, in Cedar City, Utah. She is the youngest of five children and spent most of her childhood in Orem, Utah. At a young age, she developed a passion for reading and writing.

Matched pdf

After high school, Ally attended Brigham Young University where she studied English Literature. Ally Condie began her writing career in 2002. The author of this book takes interest in writing since his childhood.

She wrote this novel and the following two books of the Matched series, Crossed and Reached, which were later published by Penguin Group USA’s Dutton Books for Young Readers imprint. This novel is releasing on November 30th, 2010, and has since become an international bestseller.

Matched Book Multiple Languages Editions

This novel is available in multiple international languages. You can study this book in any language according to your requirements.

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Matched PDF Free Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is the Matched book worth reading?

The book is definitely worth reading. It tells an intriguing story of a dystopian society and has great characters and themes.

How many pages are in Matched?

This novel is a 366-page book. It was originally in hardcover, but it is available in an ebook or audiobook.

How long does it take to read Matched?

It takes about 10-12 hours to read Matched.

Is Matched a good book?

This is a great book that tells an interesting and thought-provoking story.

What is the book Matched about?

It is a young adult science fiction novel about Matched 17-year-old Cassia who lives in a futuristic society where the government controls every aspect of citizens’ lives.


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