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Love Medicine PDF is a very fantastic novel that is related to the genre of Contemporary Native American Fiction. This engaging e-book was written by a popular author Louise Erdrich. And finally in the year 1984, this impressive was published and released for the first time in the market.

This book is written from the backdrop of two families. These families are the Kashpaws and the Lamartine’s. Both of these families are settling in North Dakota and the author discusses their lives in this fascinating novel.

This e-book gained popularity in a concise period and till now  400,000 million copies of this book have been sold out on the open market. This e-book is attainable in audiobook, paperback, and also in hardcover for the need of people. So, download this novel and relish its reading.

Summary of Love Medicine

This fascinating story is written behind the scene of the lives of two families. These families are the Kashpaws and the Lamartine’s. Both of these families are from North Dakota. In this novel, a different aspect of their lives is discussed including sorrow, joy, love, and also failure.

After a lot of hard work and struggle, the author combined the stories of these families. The author describes different difficulties and challenges that they faced in their lives. But in all situations, they never lose hope and struggle.

This interesting novel shows a courageous look at these families at the challenges faced by Native Americans. It is a very great testament to the power and stability of the human essence. This book is very interesting and beneficial for different readers and for your comfort it is attainable in different structures.

Love Medicine Book Details

Book Love Medicine
Author Louise Erdrich
Language English
Published Date 1984
Publisher Holt, Rinehart, and Winston
Category Contemporary Native American Fiction
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 275

About the Author

The actual writer of this novel was Louise Erdrich. She is well-known in the field of writing and poetry. The real place of birth of the author of this e-book was Minnesota. And she was born in the year 1894 in the place Little Falls. She spent her childhood in North Dakota.

love medicine pdf

She is too much interested in writing different fascinating novels and also she writes different 14 amazing novels for people. After completing her bachelor’s degree she thinks to write different novels. After achieving her degree she also served and work for The Minneapolis Tribune as a journalist.

She also takes part in different writing competitions at the international level and as a result, she won different prizes. Her novels are very classic and meaningful. she is a very intelligent lady and her work is decent and interesting.

The writer works hard and mostly writes on the topics of human conditions. Her book is rephrased into different international languages. You can achieve it in any format of your interest.

Love Medicine Book Multiple Languages Editions

Love Medicine PDF has been summarized into twelve languages and is obtainable in paperback, ebook, and audiobook structures.

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Love Medicine PDF Free Download

For your comfort, this book is available for download on our website in PDF structure and you can download it easily simply by clicking on the button.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many chapters are in Love Medicine?

This e-book contains a total of 4 sections and in each section different interesting chapters are attainable.

What is the message of Love Medicine?

The novel conveys the message of hope and courage in every situation and difficulty.

What is the genre of Love Medicine?

This book belongs to the genre of Contemporary Native American Fiction.

Is Love Medicine a true story?

No, this e-book is not related to any realities it is totally a work of fiction and just for readers.

Who is lipsha?

Lipsha is highlighted as the main character in the novel.

How many pages of the book Love Medicine?

This interesting book contains a total of two hundred and seventy-five pages for every reader.


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