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Looking For Alaska PDF is a very interesting novel that is related to the genre of Young Adult Fiction. John Green is the main writer of this book. This impressive book was mainly published for the first time in the year 2015. The main story is written in the character of the girl Alaska.

The story experiences her life when she was a teenage girl and studied in high school. The novel included different funny topics instead of including death and cancer. The author Green wanted to write about her death because he was interested and want to be known about anyone in what way he fight with loss and what is the effect of this loss on his life.

This awesome book was adjusted into different TV series. For the comfort of people, this book is obtainable for reading in various formats including paperback, ebook, and audiobook. And more interestingly this book is attainable on our website in PDF file structure.

Summary of Looking For Alaska

The main story is written in the character of the girl Alaska when she was a teenage girl and studying in High school. The author mention character of three friends known by the names Takumi, Pudge, and Alaska.

These three friends expend their entire day doing different activities like smoking cigarettes, hauling pranks, and commonly causing mischief. Alaska is a hectic and erratic girl. Pudge loves her despite knowing that the girl loves anyone else.

After some time the girl named Alaska died in a road accident by driving Car. After listening to the news of her death the boy was crushed by her death. And with aid of his other friends, the boy comes back into her life again.

Looking For Alaska Book Details

Book Looking For Alaska
Author John Green
Language English
Published Date 2015
Publisher Dutton Juvenile
Category Young Adult Fiction
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 297

About the Author

The actual author of this e-book is John Green. He is very famous and well-known for writing books all over the globe. The place of birth of the author is Indianapolis, a part of Indiana. He was born in the year 1977.

Looking For Alaska PDF

His famous work Looking For Alaska is rephrased and reworded into almost fifty international languages. Just not this one the author also writes many other interesting books and novels.

The author also participated in different competitions and wins different Nobel prizes based on his writing performance. At present time the author John Green lives with his wife and his two little sons.

The author got a lot of fame in the industry of writing and is known for his work all across the globe. This e-book is attainable for all readers in different structures including paperback and Audiobook.

Looking For Alaska Book Multiple Languages Editions

Looking for Alaska has been obtainable in 32 additional languages and you can read it in any language of your interest.

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Looking For Alaska PDF Free Download

This e-book is obtainable for download on our website and you can download it easily from our website simply by clicking on the below button.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Looking for Alaska based on a true story?

No, this story is based on fiction. It is not related to any authentic story.

Who killed Alaska in Looking for Alaska?

Alaska died in a road accident. Anybody is not mentioned specifically who is on the mistake.

What did Takumi do in Looking for Alaska?

Takumi is a friend of Alaska and he tied to come back to Alaska for his real life after the death of the girl.

How many pages of Looking for Alaska?

There are a total of two hundred and ninety-seven that contain this fantastic novel.

How many characters of the story Looking for Alaska?

There are three characters in this story Alaska, his friend Takumi and the girl Pudge.


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