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Kokology pdf is a book written by Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito that was published in Japan in 1998. It has since been translated into several languages and has become a best-seller in many countries.

The book is based on the concept of “Kokoro,” which means “mind” or “soul” in Japanese. The authors use a variety of psychological tests and quizzes to help readers learn more about themselves and their motivations.

The book is intended to be both entertaining and educational, and it has been described as a “playful way to learn about the self.” This e-book is available for all readers in numerous languages like paperback, audiobook, and hardcover.

Summary of Kokology

Kokology is a book that uses psychological techniques, specifically the use of Kokoro to explore and analyze a person’s thoughts and feelings. The book is divided into different sections, each focusing on a specific theme or topic. Some of the themes covered in Kokology include relationships, personality, decision-making, and emotions.

In each section, the book presents a series of questions or activities that are designed to reveal something about the reader’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior. These might include imaginary scenarios, hypothetical situations, or visualizations.

By analyzing the reader’s responses to these prompts, the book aims to help the reader gain insight into their own psychology and better understand their own thoughts and feelings.

Overall, the book is intended to be a fun and interactive way to explore the inner workings of the mind and gain a deeper understanding of oneself and others.

Kokology Book Details

Book Kokology
Author Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito
Language English
Published Date 1998
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Category Self Help
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 168

About the Author

The Kokology book was written by a Japanese husband and wife team, both of whom are trained in psychology and counseling. The authors are Tadahiko Nagao, a professor of psychology at Rissho University in Japan, and Isamu Saito, a psychotherapist and counselor.

The book was first published in Japan in 1998 and has since been translated into multiple languages and become a best-seller around the world. The authors have also written several other books on psychology and self-improvement, and their work has been widely recognized and respected in the field of psychology.

Kokology pdf

Tadahiko Nagao is a Japanese psychologist and professor of psychology. He is known for his work in the field of psychology and his contributions to the field of kokology, which is the study of the heart and mind.

He has written several books on psychology and self-improvement, including the best-selling Kokology book, which he co-wrote with his wife, Isamu Saito. Nagao has also published numerous articles in academic journals and has given lectures and workshops on psychology and self-improvement both in Japan and internationally.

Kokology Book Multiple Languages Editions

Kokology pdf is available in various languages, including English, and Chinese. This book is available in different countries.

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Kokology PDF Free Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the genre of Kokology?

The genre of Kokology is self-help and psychology.

Is Kokology the best book for all readers?

It is difficult to say whether Kokology is the best book for all readers, as opinions on books can vary greatly from person to person.

What is the central theme of Kokology?

The central theme of Kokology is the use of psychological techniques, specifically the use of Kokoro, to explore and analyze a person’s thoughts and feelings in order to gain insight into their own psychology and better understand themselves and others.

How many pages are in Kokology?

This book contains a total of 169 pages.


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