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I Quit Sugar pdf is a book by Sarah Wilson, a journalist, and wellness coach. It is a guide to help people quit consuming added sugars, which are often found in processed foods and drinks. This novel was published by Macmillan Australia in 2013.

This classic book belongs to the genre of Health & Wellness, and Cookbooks.  This novel is attainable in different formats like Paperback, Hardcover, eBook, and, Audiobook. The book has been a best-seller, with over half a million copies sold worldwide.

It has received positive reviews from readers, with many praising the book for its practical and comprehensive approach to reducing sugar intake. Some reviewers have noted that the 8-week program is challenging but effective and that the recipes and meal plans are delicious and easy to follow. The book has also received praise for its clear and engaging writing style, and its comprehensive approach to a healthier lifestyle.

Summary of I Quit Sugar

This book provides tips, recipes, and scientific information on why reducing sugar intake can lead to better health and wellness. It also offers an 8-week program to help individuals gradually reduce their sugar intake and break their addiction to sugar.

 The book focuses on the negative effects of consuming added sugars, such as weight gain, increased risk of diseases like diabetes and heart disease, and decreased energy levels. The author encourages readers to switch to a whole-food diet and emphasizes the importance of cooking and meal preparation.

The 8-week program provides a step-by-step approach to quitting sugar, including meal plans and recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. The author also discusses the different types of sugar and how to recognize and avoid them in food.

I Quit Sugar Book Details

Book I Quit Sugar
Author Sarah Wilson
Language English
Published Date 2013
Publisher Macmillan Australia
Category Self Help
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 320

About the Author

Sarah Wilson is an Australian journalist and wellness coach. Wilson has a background in journalism, having worked as a television presenter, editor, and journalist in Australia and the United Kingdom. She is also a certified health coach and has a strong interest in holistic health and wellness.

In addition to her writing and coaching work, Wilson is a public speaker and has appeared on various television and radio programs to discuss her books and ideas on health and wellness.

I Quit Sugar

Wilson is also known for her advocacy of minimalism and simplicity, and her focus on reducing waste and living more sustainably. In her book “Simplicious,” she shares tips and recipes for reducing food waste and eating more healthily. In “First, We Make the Beast Beautiful,” she explores her experience with anxiety and how she has learned to manage it through mindfulness and other techniques.

Wilson’s books and approach to health and wellness have been well-received by readers and critics. Her writing style is described as engaging, informative, and relatable.

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I Quit Sugar PDF Free Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the type of I Quit Sugar?

The type “I Quit Sugar” is a health and wellness book, with a focus on reducing added sugar intake.

What is the genre of I Quit Sugar?

The genre of “I Quit Sugar” is health & wellness, and self-help.

Who is the genre of I Quit Sugar?

The author of this book is Sarah Wilson.

Is I Quit Sugar book best to read?

It is the best book to read is subjective and depends on individual preferences and interests.

How many pages are in I Quit Sugar?

The number of pages in this book varies depending on the edition and format. A typical paperback edition has around 539 pages.


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