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Grokking Algorithms PDF Free Download

Grokking Algorithms pdf is a book that explains the basics of algorithms in a clear and concise way. The author, Aditya Bhargava, does an excellent job of breaking down complex topics and making them easy to understand.

The book covers a wide range of topics, including data structures, sorting algorithms, search algorithms, and graph algorithms.

Grokking Algorithm is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn more about algorithms. The book was published by Manning Publications in 2016. It is available in both paperback and ebook formats. The novel has received rave reviews from readers and has sold over 150,000 copies.

If you are looking for a well-written and easy-to-understand book on algorithms, Grokking Algorithms is a great choice. So, don’t wait and download this book from our website and enjoy its reading.

Summary of Grokking Algorithms 

Grokking Algorithm is a book that teaches you how to write better code by understanding algorithms. The book covers various topics related to algorithms, including big O notation, data structures, recursion, and more. It also comes with a set of exercises to help you practice what you’ve learned.

It also covers the topics of time and space complexity, which are important to understand when you’re trying to optimize your code. The novel also includes a section on interview questions, which is a valuable resource for anyone who’s looking to get into the tech industry.

Overall, Grokking Algorithms is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of algorithms. If you’re looking to learn more about how to write better code, this book is a great place to start.

Grokking Algorithms Book Details

Book Grokking Algorithms
Author Aditya Bhargava
Language English
Published Date 2015
Publisher Manning
Category Science Fiction, Computer
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 256

About the Author

Aditya Bhargava is a software engineer and the author of Grokking Algorithms: An illustrated guide for programmers and other curious people, which aims to make algorithms accessible to everybody.

Aditya has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo and has worked at Google, Microsoft, and AOL. In his spare time, he enjoys writing and teaching people about algorithms. Grokking Algorithms is his first book.

Grokking Algorithms PDF

When Aditya isn’t coding or writing, he likes to spend time with his wife and two young daughters. He also enjoys playing music (he’s a classically trained pianist) and exploring new places.

Aditya Bhargava was born in India and moved to Canada when he was four years old. He grew up in Toronto and attended the University of Waterloo, where he studied Computer Science. After graduation, Aditya worked at Google, Microsoft, and AOL before becoming a software engineer.

Grokking Algorithms Book Multiple Languages Editions

You can check it in different languages according to your own interest like English, German, Chinese, and others.

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Grokking Algorithms PDF Free Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Grokking Algorithms Book worth reading?

Yes, It is definitely worth reading if you’re looking to improve your understanding of algorithms.

How much time need to read Grokking Algorithms Book?

You can expect to spend 10 -15 hours reading Grokking Algorithms, depending on your level of expertise.

How many pages are Grokking Algorithms pdf?

This classic novel contains a total of 258 pages long.

What type of book Grokking Algorithms?

It is a technical book that covers various topics related to algorithms.

Who is the original author of Grokking Algorithms?

Aditya Bhargava is the original author of this interesting novel.


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