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Great Expectations pdf is a novel by Charles Dickens and was published by Penguin Classics in 2003. The novel tells the story of orphan Pip, who is given the opportunity to escape his humble beginnings and become a gentleman after receiving a large sum of money from an unknown benefactor.

Great Expectations pdf is considered to be one of Dickens’s greatest works and has been adapted for stage and screen several times. To date, it has sold over 50 million copies and has been attainable in more than 30 languages.

The novel was an instant success when it was first published in 1860, and its popularity has only grown in the intervening years. Great Expectations is widely famous to be one of the greatest novels of all time.

For the interest of all audiences, this book is available in different formats like audiobook, paperback, and hardcover.

Summary of Great Expectations 

The novel follows the story of Pip, an orphan who lives with his sister and her husband, Joe Gargery. Pip is given the opportunity to leave his humble beginnings behind when he is invited to live with Miss Havisham, a wealthy eccentric. There, he meets Estella, the beautiful but cold daughter of Miss Havisham. Pip falls in love with Estella, but she is unattainable.

When Pip learns that he has inherited a large sum of money, he leaves his village to make his fortune in London. There, he meets the manipulative and sinister Mr. Jaggers, who represents Pip’s benefactor.

Pip discovers that his benefactor is none other than the escaped convict, Abel Magwitch. Pip is repulsed by Magwitch but feels obligated to help him.

Pip’s quest to become a gentleman and win Estella’s heart leads him down a dark path. He alienates himself from Joe and Miss Havisham and becomes entangled in Magwitch’s dangerous world. It is the story of Pip’s journey from humble beginnings to a life of wealth and disappointment.

Great Expectations Book Details

Book Great Expectations
Author Charles Dickens
Language English
Published Date 2003
Publisher Penguin Classics
Category Fiction
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 464

About the Author

Dickens was born in Portsmouth, England, on February 7, 1812, to John and Elizabeth Dickens. He was the second of eight children. His father was a clerk in the navy pay office and was frequently transferred to different ports around England.

As a result, the family moved often. They lived in London, Chatham, and Dover, and finally settled in Camden Town, a poor neighborhood in London. Dickens’s childhood was a difficult one. His father was often unemployed and the family was frequently in debt.

Great Expectations pdf

They were forced to move into a smaller house and Dickens was sent to work in a factory when he was just twelve years old. The experience had a profound effect on him and he later wrote about the working conditions of factories and mines in his novels.

Dickens’s first published work was a skit called “A Dinner at Poplar Walk,” which appeared in 1833. He also wrote for various magazines and newspapers, including The Morning Chronicle and Bentley’s Miscellany. The author takes interest in writing books and novels from an early age.

Great Expectations Book Multiple Languages Editions

If you take inquisitive to read this book then it is available in various global languages. So, you can study it easily.

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Great Expectations PDF Free Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the main message of Great Expectations?

The main message of the novel is that our expectations should be based on reality, not on fantasy.

How many pages are in the Great Expectations pdf?

Great Expectations pdf is 464 pages long.

What is the central conflict in Great Expectations?

The central conflict in Great Expectations is between Pip’s desire for a life of wealth and respectability and his realization that happiness does not come from material things.

Why is Great Expectations so important?

It is so important because it tells the story of Pip’s journey from a humble, working-class background to a life of wealth and privilege.

How hard is the Great Expectations book to read?

It is not a difficult book to read. It is in clear, straightforward language.


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