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Eye of the World PDF is a very interesting novel that is from the genre of Fantasy. Robert Jordan is the actual author of this e-book. In the year 1990, this book was published for the first time in January.

This amazing book is from The Wheel of Time series and it is famous as the first book of this series. The basic language in which this book is written in English but for the comfort of readers, this book can be obtainable and attainable in different international languages.

There is a total of 22 languages in which the book is obtainable for all readers. This book contains a total of fifty-two chapters and each expresses a new message. The reason for dividing this novel into different editions is that is very long and it is difficult to write the whole story in one edition.

Summary of Eye of the World

This novel is about the life activities of Rand al’Thor. He is a shepherd who belongs to the small village of Two Rivers. This place is famous in Andor. When some enemies attack his house of Thor than his two friends are also in his home.

All of these fellows are ordered and forced to escape from the house. After this, all of them stay in Moiraine Sedai’s home. Then after some days all of them moved towards Baerlon. Where they forage for a lady who knows about the future. This is again attacked by Darkfriends.

After this attack, all of these friends are separated from each other. In their next step, they meet with Queen Morgase. And this group information about  “the Dragon Reborn”.

Eye of the World Book Details

Book Eye of the World
Author Robert Jordan
Language English
Published Date 1990
Publisher Tor Books
Category Fantasy
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 782

About the Author

The actual writer of this book was born in the year 1948. The actual place of birth of the author is Charleston, South Carolina. He completed his early education and joins the institute The Citadel. From this institution, the author acquires a degree in Physics literature.

Eye of the World PDF

He also worked as a helicopter gunner during his two tours. The writer joins the field of writing after the War. In the year 1980, the first fiction that was written by Robert Jordan is finally published.

The author lives with his wife Harriet McDougal in South Carolina. He is too much interested in writing Fantasy novels. His book is obtainable in ppt, audiobook, and paperback formats for readers.

The author falls into a rare blood disease, amyloidosis. Because of this disease, he died in the year 2007. He is known for his classic work now. This book contains a total of fifty-two chapters and each expresses a new message.

Eye of the World Book Multiple Languages Editions

The Eye of the World pdf book is attainable in 22 languages so it can be useful to people all across the globe.

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Eye of the World PDF Free Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the genre of The Eye of the World?

This e-book is related to the genre of High fantasy.

Where can I read the Eye of the World pdf for free?

This amazing and interesting is obtainable for download free of charge on our website you can get it and enjoy reading it.

Who is the author of the Eye of the World?

Robert Jordan is the original and actual author of this e-book.

How many copies of the Eye of the World are there?

There are a total of at least four million copies of this impressive book have been sold out.

Is Eye of the World worth reading?

Yes, sure this book is worth reading for all readers.

What is The Eye of the World about?

It is a story of a Shephard. He is attacked by the enemy and forced to move his home.


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