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Eragon PDF is a very interesting novel that is related to the genre of Young Adult and Fantasy Fiction. Christopher Paolini is the real author of this e-book. In the year 2002, this book was finally ready and published. The main story is written in the background of the Fictional world in Alagaesia.

The author writes the story of a boy famous with the name Eragon. The boy finds a Dragon egg. He presents Dragon and calls it the name Saphira. After this, they connect mentally and emotionally. It is a very meaningful story for all youngsters and teenagers.

From the day of its release to now, there are about thirty-three million copies of this book have been sold out all across the globe. This book is rephrased into thirty-seven languages and you can read it in any language easily according to your interest. In the year 2006, this book is adjusted into a famous movie.

This e-book is attainable in a variety of file structures including paperback, PDF, audiobook, and others. You can achieve it in any structure of your interest easily.

Summary of Eragon

The real story is written in the character of a boy known by the name Eragon. One day the boy visited a forest and suddenly he find a little stone. From this stone, he found a Dragon egg. He picks out this egg and goes home. After this, he presents this Dragon egg.

The boy called it by the name of Saphira. After this, they connect mentally and emotionally. When the ordered to leave the farm and his mentor is killed according to the order of King Galbatorix. At that time the boy and Saphira start their travel on the way to Alagaesia for calm and peace.

The story shows the theme of the difference between right and evil. Because the boy and Saphira want to save the whole world from the strike rules of Saphira. They wanted to introduce a high-class and peaceful world. The character of the boy is the best example of Saphira.

Eragon Book Details

Book Eragon
Author Christopher Paolini
Language English
Published Date 2002
Publisher Paolini LLC
Category Young Adult, Fantasy
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 544

About the Author

The real and actual author of this book was Christopher Paolini. The real place of birth of the author is in Southern California. The author was born in the year 1983. His name is counted in the list of all famous American authors and screenwriters.

In the beginning, the author writes different short stories and poems for children. At the age of fifteen years, the author starts writing his first novel. The writer also has two famous books related to different topics. He takes interest in writing books and novels from an early age.

Eragon PDF

And at the current time, the author start working on a new series and he works hard with his full attention. The author is lived in Montana and continues the struggle of his new coming book.

He is very famous among all readers because his work is very classic and interesting. This e-book is attainable in a variety of file structures including paperback, PDF, audiobook, and others. You can achieve it in any structure of your interest easily.

Eragon Book Multiple Languages Editions

Since its original publication in 2002, Eragon has been rephrased into 37 different languages.

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Eragon PDF Free Download

This book is attainable in PDF file formats and you can download it easily according to your own choice.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many Eragon books are there?

There are a total of four books are available for readers in this series. This book is the first edition of this series.

What is the grade level of Eragon?

Normally this book is best for school-level students. Its reading level is from grade 4 to grade 7.

Is Eragon an adult?

This book is perfect and suitable for all teenagers but not for Adults.

What is the genre of Eragon PDF?

This fascinating book is related to the genre of Both Young Adult and Fantasy fiction.

Is Eragon a true story?

No, it is not related to any reality but it is totally related to fiction work.

Who is the main character of Eragon?

The farm boy Eragon is highlighted as the main character in this story.


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