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Eleanor and Park’s pdf is a novel written by Rainbow Rowell and published in 2012 by Orion Books. This young-adult romance novel is set in Omaha, Nebraska during the mid-1980s and follows Eleanor and Park’s turbulent relationship as they navigate their high school years.

The themes of the novel include love, identity, racism, sexism, first loves, family dynamics, and teenage angst. The novel format includes print versions (hardcover and paperback) as well as an ebook version for Kindle devices or other popular e-readers.

As of 2021, the novel has sold over three million copies since its initial release with many readers citing Eleanor’s character arc as inspiringly relatable to their own experiences in life. You can download this book in PDF file structure from our website.

Summary of Eleanor and Park’s

The novel follows Eleanor and Park’s turbulent relationship as they navigate their high school years. Eleanor is a misfit, dealing with an abusive home life and the social pressures of being different. Park is an outcast in his own right, struggling to fit into his Korean-American heritage while also trying to find his place with Eleanor.

The novel follows their struggles as they discover more about each other and fall in love against all odds. Eleanor and Park’s pdf paints a vivid picture of Eleanor’s tumultuous family life, as well as how Eleanor and Park come together despite their differences.

It also examines themes such as first love, loneliness, identity, self-acceptance, and growing up. To top it off, This pdf contains elements of comedy and tragedy to keep readers engaged throughout the story. Ultimately, this pdf offers an inspiring story of Eleanor and Park’s relationship while exploring some of the challenges they face in the course of finding true love.

Eleanor and Parks Book Details

Book Eleanor and Park’s
Author Rainbow Rowell
Language English
Published Date 2012
Publisher Orion Books
Category Young Adult, Romance
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 333

About the Author

Rainbow Rowell was born in Omaha, Nebraska on February 24, 1973. She was the youngest of four children and grew up in an Irish Catholic family. Rowell attended Creighton University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in English literature.

As a student, she wrote for a local alternative newspaper. In 2003, after college, Rowell married artist Andrew Eleanor and moved to Lincoln, Nebraska where they still live today with their two sons.

Eleanor and Park's

Rowell began writing Eleanor and Park while working at the Lincoln Journal Star as an ad copywriter. The novel was originally published as a paperback novel in 2013 by St. Martin’s Griffin and quickly rose to critical acclaim winning various awards including the Printz Award for excellence in young adult literature.

Before Eleanor and Park, Rowell had written the novels Attachments and Fangirl. Both of these titles were praised for their strong characterization and engaging storylines. Eleanor and Park marked her first foray into the young adult genre.

Eleanor and Park’s Book Multiple Languages Editions

This novel has been translated into multiple languages, including German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Chinese.

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Eleanor and Park’s PDF Free Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is there a sequel to Eleanor and Park?

No, It does not have a sequel. However, in 2018 Eleanor and Park were adapted into a ten-part comic series by Sanders.

How many chapters do Eleanor and Park have?

This classic novel has a total of 58 chapters.

What is the plot of Eleanor and Park?

It tells the story of two outcasts in Nebraska who have difficulty connecting with the people around them.

What is the main message of Eleanor and Park?

The main message of the novel is that, despite our differences and difficult circumstances, true love always finds a way.

What is the genre of Eleanor and Park?

It is a young adult novel. It contains elements of romance, comedy, tragedy, coming-of-age, and social issues.


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