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Designing Your Life pdf is a book by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. The book was published by Penguin Books on September 27, 2016. The novel offers readers guidance on how to create a happy and fulfilling life by design, rather than letting life happen to them by chance.

The book is divided into four sections: Designing Your Life, Work, Love and Health. In each section, the authors offer readers advice on how to create a life that is meaningful and fulfilling, based on their own experiences and the stories of others.

The novel has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide and has been translated into 20 different languages. The book has been praised by critics and readers alike for its insights and practical advice.

For your interest, this interesting book is attainable in a number of formats like audiobook, paperback, and also in hardcover.

Summary of Designing Your Life 

The novel Designing Your Life pdf walks readers through the process of designing their lives in a way that is both meaningful and fulfilling. The book offers an array of tools and exercises to help readers find clarity on what they want out of life, and provides actionable steps for making those dreams a reality.

The novel begins by discussing the importance of Designing Your Life. The book then goes on to explain the process of Designing Your Life pdf in detail. The reader is walked through the steps of identifying their values, setting goals, and creating a life plan. The book also covers the topics of work-life balance and self-care.

The book is available in three sections: Life, Designing Your Work and Designing Your relationships. Each section contains a number of chapters that are devoted to specific topics.

This novel is a comprehensive guide to creating a life that is both meaningful and fulfilling. The book offers readers a step-by-step process for Designing Your Life, as well as a wealth of tools and resources.

Designing Your Life Book Details

Book Designing Your Life
Author Bill Burnett, Dave Evans
Language English
Published Date 2016
Publisher Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
Category Self Help
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 272

About the Author

Bill Burnett is the director of the Design Program at Stanford University, where he has taught Designing Your Life pdf since 2004. He is also the co-author of the best-selling book Designing Your Work Life.

Burnett began his career as an engineer and later transitioned into product design. The author is married to Roma Downey and they have two children together. Designing Your Life is a New York Times Bestseller, Wall Street Journal Bestseller, USA Today Bestseller, and International Bestseller.

Designing Your Life pdf

Dave Evans is a lecturer at Stanford University and the co-founder of the Design Program. He has also taught this novel since 2004. Evans began his career as an engineer and later transitioned into product design. The author is married to Roma Downey and they have two children together.

Dave Evans, the co-author of Designing Your Life, died on February 12, 2018, at the age of 74. The cause of death was complications from Alzheimer’s disease. His name is counted as a famous lecturer and author of the university.

Designing Your Life Book Multiple Languages Editions

This fascinating book is obtainable in distinct languages. You can check it in different languages.

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Designing Your Life PDF Free Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Designing Your Life Book about?

The book is about how to design your life so that it is both meaningful and fulfilling.

Is Designing Your Life Book worth reading?

Yes, This Book is definitely worth reading! The book offers a step-by-step process for Designing Your Life.

How many pages are in Designing Your Life?

Designing Your Life is 272 pages long.

What is the Designing Your Life workbook?

The workbook is a companion to the Designing Your Life book. It includes exercises and tools to help you Design Your Life.

What are the themes in the book Designing Your Life?

The main themes in this novel are goal setting, work-life balance, and self-care.


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