Bound by Love

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Bound by Love Pdf is a novel by Cora Reilly, published in 2018 by Waterhouse Press. Bound by Love Pdf is a contemporary romance novel with strong themes of family and loyalty, set against the backdrop of an Italian mafia family.

The story follows Lucia, a young woman who must choose between the love of her life her fiancee Gianni and her duty to protect her family from the mafia. Bound by Love Pdf has been praised for its complex and engaging characters and its exploration of the struggles between loyalty and love.

The novel is available in both paperback and digital pdf formats, with over 350,000 copies sold worldwide since its release. Bound by Love Pdf was an instant success with readers, receiving almost universal acclaim from review sites and book bloggers.

Summary of Bound by Love 

The novel follows Lucia and Julian, two childhood friends who have grown up to become star-crossed lovers. Bound by Love PDF is an emotional story of love, friendship, and forgiveness set against the backdrop of their small coastal town.

Sofia and her friend are separated by family obligations but never give up on the hope of being together someday. Despite all odds stacked against them, their love remains strong and true, resulting in a passionate story that is sure to leave a lasting impression on readers.

Bound by Love PDF follows their journey as they struggle with their growing feelings for each other, navigating the difficult path of being together while living separate lives. It is a beautiful story of love, loyalty, and sacrifice that will captivate readers until the very end.

Bound by Love Book Details

Book Bound by Love
Author Cora Reilly
Language English
Published Date 2018
Publisher Waterhouse Press
Category Romance
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 136

About the Author

Cora Reilly is a New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author. Her Bound by series is one of her most popular works, having sold over 1 million copies worldwide since its release.

Reilly has been praised for her skillful storytelling and her powerful character development. Cora Reilly was born in Italy and moved to the United States at a young age. Growing up she enjoyed reading, writing, and exploring her newfound culture.

Bound by Love

After high school, she studied psychology before shifting her focus to English literature. Reilly has been writing ever since, eventually publishing Bound by Love Pdf in 2018.

Cora Reilly studied psychology at the University of California, Berkeley before shifting her focus to English literature. She continued her studies in this subject and graduated with an honors degree in English literature from the University of New York. After college, she worked as a freelance writer and editor before turning her ambitions towards writing full-time.

Bound by Love Book Multiple Languages Editions

Bound by Love Pdf is available in multiple languages, including English, German, and French.

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Bound by Love PDF Free Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the main message of Bound by Love?

The main message of this novel is that love and loyalty can conquer even the most difficult obstacles.

Can Bound By Love be read as a standalone?

Yes, It can be read as a standalone. It is a complete story in itself and does not require knowledge of Cora Reilly’s Bound by series to enjoy.

Is there cheating in Bound By Love?

No, It does not contain any cheating. It is a story of true and devoted love between the two main characters.

Can I read Bound By Love after Bound By Honor?

Yes, It can be read as a standalone. It is a complete story in itself and does not require knowledge of Cora Reilly’s Bound by series to enjoy.

How many pages are in Bound by Love?

Bound by Love Pdf is a short novel of approximately 250 pages.


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