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2BQ Production Studios (2BQPS for short) started to become a well known independent production company for any type of projects with so many various roles for the southeast area.

2BQPS is owned by Tyson Love who is well known as an actor, writer, producer and director of all the projects which can be found all over on social media, even Google and IMDb.

2BQPS welcomes everyone to be part of the team. If you want to try and submit to become a talent, feel free to do so and your dream WILL come true! Come and work with us so let’s have fun!

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someone who has a deep understanding of the film production process and is able to contribute their skills and expertise at various stages of production. This could include roles such as a producer, director, writer, editor, cinematographer, and more.


The film production process can be quite flexible and can vary depending on the specific needs of a project. For example, the size and scope of the production, the budget, the locations, and the availability of resources can all impact the way that a film is produced.


Maintaining confidentiality is an important aspect of film production, particularly when it comes to protecting sensitive information and preventing leaks about the project. This can include things like plot details, character development, special effects, and other elements that are intended to be kept secret until the film is released.


The responsibility of film production varies depending on the specific role that an individual or team is playing in the process. However, there are some general responsibilities that are common to many roles in film production.

New Faces

In the film industry, "new faces" generally refers to actors or actresses who are just starting out in their careers and who are looking to break into the business. These individuals may be new to the industry or may have some prior experience, but they are often seeking their first major film or television roles.

Client Contact

The client contact in film production is the individual or group who is responsible for representing the interests of the client or commissioner of the film. The client may be a studio, a production company, a television network, or another entity that is funding or commissioning the production.

Casting Director

New Brand Talent Systems Portfolio

2BQPS joined the new brand Talent Systems portfolio website that calls ‘Casting Calls’, having launched in 2022 by founder, Tyson Love. It helps a Casting Director to organize talent lists and put audition videos online but quickly spread by word-of-mouth to become the leading provider of online casting services to Film/Movie Studios, Independent Production Companies and Casting Directors. (Click here for a partial talent lists)

2BQPS talent community of Casting Directors and Production Executives are sharing auditions and making decisions in near real-time, from all over the world, access-controlled website.

No more tapes, DVDs and emails to send and track- – – casting decisions are made much faster on 2BQPS. Casting Directors use the workflow features of ‘Casting Calls’ to manage every aspect of their operation – – -from creating lists to scheduling sessions. Having photos, reels, and auditions available in Casting Calls’ searchable database has completely changed the way casting is done today.

With the widespread adoption of 2BQPS by the studio, the logical next step was to bring in actors and agents: 2BQPS was launched in 2016.

The mission of 2BQPS is to give actors the opportunity to join the ‘Casting Calls’ database and make their info readily available to Casting Directors. We want to give Actors, and agents the entry into the electronic casting process that is happening on ‘Casting Calls’, and by doing this our ‘Casting Calls’ users have an easier way to get expanded access to talent more quickly. Our focus with 2BQPS was to make the Casting Directors’ life easier with a clean, simple, and easy-to-use website. Our goal is the same with ‘Casting Calls’ – we are making the process easy and available to actors and agents, with the same clean and simple approach.

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