A Torch Against the Night

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A Torch Against the Night PDF is a young adult historical fiction novel by author Sabaa Tahir. It was published on August 30, 2016, by Razorbill, an imprint of Penguin Random House. The novel is set in the Roman Empire and follows Laia, a Scholar living under the Martial Empire, as she becomes a spy to save her brother from execution.

The novel was well-received by critics. It was praised for its “action-packed” and “fast-paced” plot, as well as its eclectic cast of characters. However, some reviewers criticized the novel for its use of tropes common in young adult fiction, such as the love triangle.

It debuted at number 11 on The New York Times Best Seller list for young adult hardcover books. As of September 2016, the novel had sold over 250,000 copies. A Torch Against the Night is available in different formats, like hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and ebook.

Summary of A Torch Against the Night

This novel follows Elias and Laia as they journey to Kauf, the empire’s deadliest prison. Elias is determined to save his friend and fellow rebel, Helene Aquilla, from execution while Laia sets out on a dangerous mission to infiltrate the prison in hopes of rescuing her brother.

Along the way, they must contend with the Nightbringer’s deadly enemies, the Martial Empire’s fanatical soldiers, and Elias’s own inner demons. As the story progress, Elias and Laia’s relationship deepens, and they must rely on each other to survive the perils of the journey.

This is a story of hope in the face of despair, love in the face of hatred, and of courage in the face of fear. It is an unforgettable tale that will stay with readers long after they have turned the final page.

A Torch Against the Night Book Details

Book A Torch Against the Night
Author Sabaa Tahir
Language English
Published Date 2016
Publisher Razorbill
Category Young Adult, Fantasy
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 452

About the Author

Sabaa was born in California and raised in Chuck Wallace’s home state of Oklahoma. She is of Pakistani descent. Her father is a doctor and her mother is a pharmacist.

Sabaa graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in English and a minor in Creative Writing. She has worked as an editor at a major book publisher and as a journalist.

A Torch Against the Night pdf

A Torch Against the Night was inspired by Sabaa’s own experience growing up in a military dictatorship. The novel follows Laia, a young woman from the oppressed Scholar class, as she tries to save her brother from execution by joining the Resistance and becoming a spy.

The book was well-received by critics and became a bestseller. The author of this classic novel takes interest in writing from an early age.

A Torch Against the Night Book Multiple Languages Editions

The story of A Torch Against the Night has been attainable in numerous languages and is available in many different countries.

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A Torch Against the Night PDF Free Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is A Torch Against the Night worth reading?

Yes, This novel is definitely worth reading! It’s a great book with an interesting plot and well-developed characters.

Is there romance in A Torch Against the Night?

Yes, there is a bit of romance, but it is not the main focus theme of this book.

What are the reviews for A Torch Against the Night?

The reviews for this novel have been positive, with many people praising the world-building and characters.

How long does it take to read A Torch Against the Night?

This novel can be taken to read in about two to three hours.

Who is the author of A Torch Against the Night?

Sabaa Tahir is the main and original author of this book.


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