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A Suitable Boy pdf is a novel by Vikram Seth, which was first published in 1993 by Phoenix House. This classic and fantastic novel is considered to be one of the longest novels ever written and it has been translated into various languages all over the world.

A Suitable Boy pdf is an epic saga that follows four interconnected families in post-independence India. The novel covers themes such as arranged marriage, gender roles, love and friendship, politics, religion, social class, and cultural differences.

This novel can be found in various formats such as paperback, e-book, audiobook, and hardback editions. This pdf has sold millions of copies worldwide and won several awards including the WH Smith Literary Award for Fiction and the Commonwealth Writers Prize for Best Book.

Summary of A Suitable Boy 

The novel follows the lives of four families in North India, in the fictional town of Brahmpur, over a period of 18 months and focuses on the journey of its protagonist, Maan Kapoor. A Suitable Boy pdf is a story about love and relationships, but also about India’s changing society following independence in 1947.

It covers themes such as religion, politics, class divides, and forbidden love between Hindus and Muslims. The novel opens with the arranged marriage of Maan Kapoor to Savita, a woman from an upper-class family.

However, the marriage marks only the beginning of Maan’s journey as he is soon faced with difficult choices between his family’s expectations and his own desires. He meets three other women: Saeeda Bai, a courtesan; Lata Mehra, the daughter of Brahmpur’s mayor; and Aarti Menon, a student of economics.

The novel also covers the political climate of India in the 1950s, as well as family tensions and relationships.

A Suitable Boy Book Details

Book A Suitable Boy
Author Vikram Seth
Language English
Published Date 1993
Publisher Phoenix House
Category Romance
Format PDF, ePub
Number of Pages 1,349

About the Author

Vikram Seth is an Indian poet, novelist, travel writer, librettist, and children’s writer. He was born in Kolkata on June 20th, 1952 to Leila and Prem Seth. A Suitable Boy pdf was his second novel which made him famous around the world and established him as a significant voice in contemporary literature.

He attended The Doon School in India before going on to study Economics at Tonbridge School in England. He then went on to study Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Corpus Christi College of Oxford University from 1970-73 where he earned a first-class honors degree.

A Suitable Boy

Seth has been married twice; once to the journalist and broadcaster Sue Barrowcliffe with whom he has a daughter and then to Shukla Aujla with whom he adopted a son. He divides his time between California, London, and Delhi.

In addition to A Suitable Boy pdf, Seth is the author of several successful novels including A Suitable Girl (2017) and An Equal Music (1999), as well as many collections of poetry. He also wrote The Golden Gate (1986) which is an epic novel in verse form. In 2019, Seth was awarded the Padma Shri, one of India’s highest civilian awards for literature by the President of India.

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A Suitable Boy PDF Free Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is A Suitable Boy a good read?

This novel is a timeless classic and a must-read for those interested in Indian culture, literature, and history.

How many pages is A Suitable Boy?

A Suitable Boy is 1,349 pages long. It is a very complex and detailed story that captures the period of India.

Is A Suitable Boy a true story?

The novel is not based on any particular true story, but it does draw from the experiences and feelings of many people during the 1950s in India.

How does A Suitable Boy end?

The novel ends on a bittersweet note. Maan, the protagonist, chooses Aarti as his bride but this does not mean that all of his other choices and relationships are forgotten.

Who is the real and original author of A Suitable Boy?

The real and original author of this novel is Vikram Seth. He is an Indian poet, novelist, and travel writer.


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