The unsung heroes of the publishing world!

Seriously, how many people who read a book have any idea of the amount of work that went into editing it? Not many. But we know, and so our Editors are picked carefully, and are ensured a steady stream of projects that will keep their creative juices flowing. Have only a small amount of bandwidth in your freelancing schedule? No problem, we have jobs of all scopes and sizes, pick what works for you.

  • In traditional publishing, editors who do the hands on work are usually paid a salary and have no financial stake in the book’s sale. In some self-publishing operations, you can buy editorial services for a flat rate, but again, the editor has no stake in the success of the book. Not in our model. If the book soars to become a best seller, everyone reaps the rewards. Since we direct a large share of the revenue to the creative teams (70% in fact), if the book is a modest success there are good revenues for the team to share. (Of course if it falls flat, the inverse is true as well). If you haven’t already, check out the Team Publishing section here for more info.
  • Developmental editing, story edits, copy edits, proof reading. All facets of editing, but drastically different in scope. Not all manuscripts require the same level of editing. Each project is evaluated and scoped in that regard, before the team is formed, and financial percentages of the profit reflect that level of effort.  If a book requires an extensive edit, the Editor may also be given jacket credit for the project.
  • What genre do you read? Do you enjoy editing that genre? And why would I care, you may be wondering. Because in our model, each project is unique and Editors pick their projects. If a book doesn’t “speak to you” you don’t have to work on it! We have a variety of genres always in process.

Still have questions? Please take a look at our Editor FAQ here. If that sounds interesting, please fill out our Editor or Proofreader application here.

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