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Booktrope has pioneered an entirely new choice in book publishing. What would you think if there were a publisher that offered the expertise and structure you need (like a traditional publisher) but also offers a system where you get more creative control and better royalties (closer to self-publishing)? At Booktrope, we have made that possible.

Team Publishing

At Booktrope, we offer:

  • A full publishing process with no up-front fees
  • 70% of book revenues goes back to the Creative Team – royalties are paid monthly
  • A flexible collaborative team structure which includes everything from editing to cover design and marketing
  • A proven workflow process which ensures quality and consistency for every book we produce.

These are some of the benefits of Booktrope’s Team Publishing concept which is supported by our Teamtrope platform. Some call us a hybrid publisher, because we combine a lot of the awesome features of a traditional publisher, yet offer the creative freedom and higher royalty rates of a self-publishing platform.

Teamtrope: Publishing Reinvented through Technology

Teamtrope is our web platform that allows authors, editors, marketers and designers to form autonomous teams and work together to create and market books. Teamtrope supports all aspects of the publishing process, from staffing of the project to production workflow to marketing coordination, on an Internet platform. It allows us to substantially reduce overhead and accelerate time to market — while preserving what’s valuable from traditional publishing – excellent editing, great design and widespread book availability. Our technologies all serve one goal: to support creation of great books and reach as wide a readership as possible. People read both print and ebooks so we publish both types. We are format and sales outlet agnostic — we’re ready to take advantage of all promising forms of distribution. We want to get our author’s story in the hands of as many readers as possible.

How Does it Work?

Booktrope uses a collaborative website to link an online worldwide creative community of authors, editors, designers and marketers. Our system makes it easy for small teams to form in order to create and market high quality print and ebooks. The whole team working on a project shares in the revenue instead of being paid up front, so everyone is committed to making great books. Our website allows each book’s team to navigate book creation workflow, reducing overhead as compared to traditional publishing. We produce both ebooks and print copies, and offer them for sale on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble.com, and through other major platforms and distributors. This allows us to offer readers a steady stream of amazing reads, at the prices they want to pay. Team members receive a share of revenue from books they work on, rather than being paid up-front. Authors learn about our submission process here. Editors, designers and book marketers you can learn about joining the gang in teamtrope here.


It’s working! Our reach is growing daily through ebook sales, print book sales and strategic giveaways.

Books Delivered:


March 17 2016

Humble Book Bundle Contest!


Booktrope is thrilled to announce some of our titles are being featured this week and next as the Humble eBook Bundle – Emerging Sci-Fi and Thriller Authors. If you aren’t familiar with Humble Bundle, it is a really cool concept Read More

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