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Booktrope is a team publishing platform and a social marketing engine for books of all kinds. We free the creative team (authors, editors, designers) and marketing partners to work on what they do best — create and market the best book possible.

Team Publishing

To create a great book pull together a small, dedicated team and free them up to do the best work possible. Our team publishing software platform allows the team members to follow a simple workflow to take the work from manuscript to finished product in record time. In our model, the business supports the team, removing layers of overhead and allowing us to pay a better share of book revenues to the team members who do most of the work to produce the book. We are not self-publishing and we don’t charge authors for essential services such as editorial, design or marketing. We are not traditional publishing, but a new way to publish that aligns with the enormous changes technology has enabled in book production, distribution and reading.

Teamtrope: Publishing Reinvented through Technology

Teamtrope is our web platform that allows authors, editors, marketers and designers to form autonomous teams and work together to create and market books. Teamtrope supports all aspects of the publishing process, from staffing of the project to production workflow to marketing coordination, on an Internet platform. It allows us to substantially reduce overhead and accelerate time to market — while preserving what’s valuable from traditional publishing – excellent editing, great design and widespread book availability.

Our technologies all serve one goal: to support creation of great books and reach as wide a readership as possible. People read both print and ebooks so we publish both types. We are format and sales outlet agnostic — we’re ready to take advantage of all promising forms of distribution. We want to get our author’s story in the hands of as many readers as possible.

Booktrope’s Creative Community

The creative people who use Teamtrope make up a community where they can form teams to work on books and where they can share ideas and support each other’s efforts. Unlike self-publishing, authors get a supportive environment where they can find collaborators to make great books and support for bringing them to market. Unlike most traditional publishers, Booktrope provides an open process with more creative freedom, while still providing essential support for the operational, business and marketing side of the publication process.

Authors learn about our submission process here.
Editors, designers and book marketers you can learn about joining the gang in teamtrope here.

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January 25 2015

Submissions are OPEN!

Big and exciting things are afoot here at Booktrope central! At long last we have opened to submissions on a broader basis. For those who have been waiting, we appreciate your patience. For those who are wondering what took us Read More