Obviously we think our concept is awesome, but that is probably less relevant than what your peers think. So here are some words from them.

“What every author longs for is a publisher who will help them produce the best possible product, from editing through cover art, and then to make the book available in multiple formats, and provide publicity to get the book and author known to the public. Booktrope does a fantastic job in being a partner to the author and an advocate for his or her book.”
—Terry Persun, author of 5 novels, including award-winner, Wolf’s Rite

“Booktrope.com is a great way for authors to reach readers because it allows them easy access to your work.  I found that when people like the book they are more than happy to pay for it.  It’s great for both readers and writers.

Booktrope Publishing is amazing – they really care about their writers and making them happy.  I have never worked with a better publisher.  Period.”
—Brian McDonald, author of Invisible Ink and The Golden Theme

“I’d dreamt of a big publisher, of course. However, when one didn’t magically appear, declaring me the next big talent, I went with a small publisher, Booktrope. In hindsight, I’m so happy I did – it was meant to be – because I get so much attention from them. They’ve been instrumental in developing a marketing strategy, which I most likely would not have gotten at a big house. They worry about figuring out how to sell it while I get to write another book. Plus, they are wonderful, generous people that make me feel like a rock star even though I’m not.”
— Tess Hardwick, author of Riversong

“The support I’ve received from this small Seattle press far outshines that of many of my friends and colleagues who are famously published by New York presses. People have told me this before, and now I know it to be true: it’s a little like finding true love when you find the right publisher–you just know. And it never happens the way you think it’s going to. . . .”
— Paula Coomer, author of Dove Creek and Summer of Government Cheese

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