Team Publishing

What the heck is Team Publishing?

Don’t worry, if you haven’t been to this page before (or worked with us already), we wouldn’t expect you to know.

In a nutshell:

  • We establish creative teams which typically include the Author, an Editor, a Book Designer, and a Book Manager (marketing).
  • Everyone on the team is compensated based on a portion of the profit for the book, for each and every book. You can think of it as profit sharing or a royalty model.
  • Because we are totally transparent we share all financials and sales data with the full creative team so everyone knows how the book is doing.
  • We think that successful marketing is key, therefore we strive to ensure that every book has a Book Manager on the team – unlike most publishing houses where nearly all the marketing activities are pushed to the author alone and maybe a publicist (shared between you, 200 other authors and Nora Roberts).
  • We are flexible as a company, so our team structure is flexible too! For example, some authors may choose to fill the Book Manager role themselves, or design their own book covers. As long as they are capable and meet our standards, that’s fine (they would then get both those shares of the profit).

What does Booktrope do? We help form the teams, manage the interaction between them, format the book, get it in print and uploaded as an ebook – and of course, manage the money. We also support the team by offering training in marketing tactics as well as tools and materials. Last, we ensure quality control.

So – why is the team approach important? First, we think that when people work as a team, they create better books. Second, we think it is time that everyone on the book team was on the same page compensation-wise. Last, if everyone on the team has a reason to promote the book, they will, resulting in better book sales.