Not surprisingly, submitting to Booktrope is different than submitting elsewhere. At present we are full and we are not considering new work. If we were, we would invite authors of all genres to let us know you have an unpublished manuscript ready for consideration – that way we can see where our best areas of focus are. What’s in it for you? This also adds you to our waiting list, so when we are ready to open to submissions in your genre, you are first in line!

Here’s how it works 
When we are taking submissions, you sign up and we notify you when we have “capacity” in your genre. You would then confirm your continuing interest and be offered the option to submit your work. Important note: indicating your interest here does not obligate you in any way to sign with us later, nor does it prevent you from continuing to submit your work elsewhere.

A better publishing process
Booktrope uses our ground-breaking method, Team Publishing, to bring high quality books to market. We do not guarantee acceptance of your submission. We do not charge fees. We will not compromise quality for quantity. Learn more about us on the website.

What genres? All types
Booktrope accepts and publishes nearly all genres of work, from non-fiction to romance novels. Depending on team member availability and other considerations (such as ongoing marketing efforts) we may choose to focus on one genre over another as we expand.

What happens next?
Fill out the interest form here and we’ll send you a link to begin our secure submission intake process as business allows. Ultimately, you will need to have your completed final manuscript ready to upload in Word format. We will give you thorough instructions and answer any questions you have when we request your final submission (in a separate communication).

Please note that we cannot promise to respond directly to all, but we will do our best! Ready to sign up? Fill out our form found here.

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