Book Marketing Managers

A new way to connect books to readers: the champions of our books

What does a Book Marketing Manager do? Like many other products today, books are more often being marketed online.  Even more than most business, bookselling has moved out of bookstore and onto the internet. So in order for books to reach readers and generate revenue, you have to do much more than get them into bookstores. You have to promote and market the book. It depends on publicizing and marketing the book and very much on working with Authors who also (obviously) play a key role in promotions. We have developed a (somewhat) standard methodology, to help Authors get the word out about their books. You will manage that process. In some ways, you will manage the Author.

So why would you want this job? You love online marketing. You love books. You want to be directly compensated for your impact to the bottom line.

Book Marketing Managers are part of the creative team. While sometimes they take over after the book has been finished, we encourage teams to include a Book Manager as early as possible, to focus on the book’s audience and the practicalities of how we will reach out to them. Book Managers in our model have a very special relationship to Authors– it’s not just “the marketing department” but an individualized, close collaboration. As Book Marketing Managers work with more editors and designers, they can become the manager of the process, helping to bring together successful projects. As our model develops we expect that some of our book managers may even have their own imprints of books that bear the stamp of their taste and expertise.

If you haven’t already, check out the Team Publishing section for an outline on how this works.

Here’s who we are looking for:

  • Someone who has the ability to think about the overall strategy of marketing a book, but is not afraid of the actual tactical side either (we don’t have “people” for that, just you).
  • An individual who understands all the basic online and social networking tools (even if you currently use them more for personal entertainment than professionally).
  • You must love books (at least in some capacity). A big part of this job is being in the book community online, it is going to be a very tedious road if you are not enjoying it!
  • You must be well organized.
  • It is fine if you have never marketed books. In fact, it may be preferable since we do things differently we won’t have to break you of any nasty habits.

Check out the Financials section for more information on the compensation side of things. Some of our Book Managers are compensated solely on this profit sharing basis, while a limited number may receive a staff position which includes base pay.

If you think you might have what it takes, or just want to learn more, please contact us.

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