Show me the money!

Team Publishing sounds great but how does it all break down into dollars and cents?

In the interest of true transparency, to prove this isn’t just a bunch of touchy-feely repackaging of the same old stuff, we are willing to show you a sample of how our financials break down on a per book basis. We really aren’t kidding, we want to be open about all of this! Official Looking Note: this is for illustrative purposes only. This is our “standard” agreement; the percentages can and do change for each project depending on many factors. Examples of such instances include:

  • The book has already been professionally edited (and meets Booktrope standards).  For example, we sometimes publish reprints.
  • Team members might agree on a different percentage.  We call the percents below the “default shares.”  It’s how revenue is divided for a typical team, but the team can alter the percentages.  The editor’s role in particular can vary greatly.  Sometimes a thorough developmental edit is required, involving restructuring or rewriting a book.  Other books may require only a light copy edit.  Editor’s shares do vary depending on what level of skill and effort is expected.
  • A participant not represented below is brought into the team, such as an illustrator.
  • A unique situation that we haven’t envisioned yet!

In each of the above cases, the agreement would vary from that shown below and therefore the percentages and monetary distribution would change.

Booktrope Financial breakdown

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