Why should you work with Booktrope?

If you haven’t already, please take a look at what other authors are saying about working with Booktrope here.

Traditional publishers and booksellers are hurting in today’s economy. Many great books go unpublished and many great books that are in print generate low or no sales due to the difficulty in marketing books in traditional ways and the declining number of bookstores. If you are not a celebrity, your odds of breaking into the elite Big 6 are dwindling. The odds you will get marketing support once there, even smaller.

Then you have the other side of the coin – the well publicized Indie Authors (self-pubbed). No doubt these authors are worthy of the success they have achieved and have worked very very hard to get where they are. We have learned a lot in watching them, and have tried to learn from their comments both about how they did what they have done, and what would have kept them in the publishing houses instead.

So – can there be a happy medium? We think so, and have created our company with that goal in mind.

Because we focus on marketing methods that leverage the new internet mediums, as well as the more traditional (where applicable), we are able to do more with less, resulting in a more cost efficient model. This low overhead allows us to evaluate books from a different perspective than the legacy publishing houses. In other words, you don’t have to be a celebrity to work with us and you will get the same level of attention whether you are publishing your first book, or your fifth.

Here are just a few of the ways we differ:

For a more detailed look at how the royalties break out, we have posted a sample breakdown here. Yes, we really are going to show you everything!

Unfortunately, we are not currently accepting blind submissions. We are, however, always open via referral or when we attend conferences. Why? Well, we find a lot of wonderfully talented people when the fabulously talented people who already work with us refer in those they know (and those they’ve read). It is hard to put a time frame around that opportunity, so we don’t. As to conferences, we just think it is rude to attend otherwise (we did say we were different)! 

If you are represented by an agent, we are happy to work within their structure as well. Agents can see more about our programs here

For future reference about how submissions work, please take a look at our Submissions guidelines for details on getting your work to us.

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