Booktrope Publishing—a new approach to creating and marketing great books

Authors: Looking for an alternative to traditional publishing houses but something with better support than self publishing?

Editors, designers and marketing specialists:  Looking for new creative opportunities?

Booktrope Publishing offers a new model that includes both printed books and ebooks.

Our goal is to change the way books are created.

If you are looking for the standard and the average, you are in the wrong place. We are about change, pushing boundaries, keeping what works and chucking the rest.What would make us a good choice for you?

  • If you are tired of the convoluted machine that is legacy publishing
  • If you like the idea of the creative control and variety that comes with the concept of self-publishing, but think the support of a publisher for theorganizing, business and marketing side of things is a good thing
  • If you would like a clear understanding from contract to sale of what your numbers are
  • If you want to change the world of books for the better!

Before you read any further, let’s be clear on one important issue; we are not a self-publishing operation. What does that mean? At Booktrope we do not charge authors to publish nor do we accept all submissions. If you are looking to self-publish, awesome choice, but we are not the place to do that. We have pioneered a concept called “Team Publishing” which addresses the way books are actually developed, not just the way they are distributed and read. We offer print, ebook, and web versions of all our books, in other words, we are format agnostic. We don’t want to debate the death of print books, or the birth of ebooks, we love and support them all. A typical Publishing Team consists of an author, editor, designer and business/marketing manager for the book. You don’t get assigned projects in our system; you choose the people you work with.  We work much more quickly than traditional publishers, taking advantage of new technologies to streamline the process of getting books into the hands of readers. Lastly, we use that same technology to keep overhead low, and we think that the bulk of the revenue from book sales should go back to the creative team that makes them happen (crazy idea, we know). We are open about who we are and what we do, so please take a look around to see the details!

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