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The Forecast Fatale



The Forecast Fatale presents sales tips and techniques in an entertaining and unforgettable way – using a business detective, Bart Steele, as the main character. It’s a quick read and a fun way to learn.Author Brian Schlosser, a veteran CEO and sales manager, distilled this entertaining story from years of practical experience with real world challenges. It will give you a new outlook on what it means to be a professional in the world of sales, covering ground like how to forecast effectively, how and when to discount, how to improve prospecting by phone and a host of other important topics. This is a must-read for all sales professionals from beginning novices to seasoned experts who want to improve their skills and boost their careers.Praise for the book-“Brian has combined Magnum,P.I., with Dale Carnegie and made it work in a story about life in enterprise sales. Funny and poignant – well done!” -Mike Dusche, sales executive formerly with IBM & Microsoft”This is one book on sales that’s FUN to read AND makes relevant points for any sales professional – novice to experienced. Why get mired down in unrealistic complexities when there’s a story to read that sticks with you long after some trick or tactic fades away? -Jeff Rogers, Founder of OneAccord Partners,, DoinGood”I laughed. I cried. I sold two hundred and fifty grand worth of software.” -Bob Pinkerton, founder, Management 3.0, Entrepreneur, Investor & Start-up Consultant

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