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Thank you for your interest in possibly partnering with Booktrope to publish your book. We ask you a series of questions to help determine if we might be a good fit. We are passionate about our creative team platform and want to make sure anyone who comes into our community will be able to thrive in our model.
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We hear from many authors they are tired of going it alone in their publishing journey. Many of our happiest authors started off self-publishing and then decided the creative team approach was a better fit. Here are some frequently asked questions from our previously self-published authors.

If you are indeed tired of going it alone, reach out to the members of our community. We are a friendly and open bunch. You can find authors on Twitter (search #Booktrope or the lists on the @Booktrope profile), Facebook (the Booktrope page) and Google+, for example. We would love to hear from you.

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Top Author Questions and Answers

Q: How does the Booktrope process actually work if I am accepted?
A: We do not accept all manuscripts, nor do we accept all applicants for the other roles in our system. Once a manuscript is accepted, the author and the book are added to our members-only site, Teamtrope. Team members search based on a variety of factors from genre preference, to stage in the process. They access this information in Teamtrope. Authors can also find team members in a similar way, as all profiles are shown as red/yellow/green depending on the availability of the person. The Booktrope staff will also do our best to “match make” on the back end should anyone have trouble finding the necessary people. If for some reason a book cannot get a team to sign on, the book would not move forward in the system until it does.

Q: Who owns the copyright?
A: You (the author) retains copyright. Booktrope is granted an exclusive right to publish the material for the duration of the contract. (However, if we decline to publish in a specific format (such as a hard cover version) you can do so on your own.

Q: Do you require first right of refusal for my next book?
A: No, we do not. There are two primary reasons for this:

  1. We want to do such a great job with your first book, that this will not even be a question!
  2. Historically authors have gotten around such clauses in a simple way, they write a terrible book. It seems silly to waste your time and ours by using this clause.

Note that we have just launched a new program we call the Frequent Flyer program, designed to reward authors for working with us over the course of multiple books. Authors who have published at least two books, with a new project in the process and a minimum sales number on the first titles, will be given benefits such as reduced set-up fees, a dedicated point of contact at Booktrope corporate, and many other exciting features. You can see all the details of the program once you are successfully logged into the Teamtrope system.

Q: Do you charge fees?
A: We do not charge up-front fees, meaning, you are not asked to pay us to produce your book. We also do not have a minimum (or maximum) amount of print books which you are required to purchase. We do “charge back”, meaning deduct before paying royalties, the set-up fees to the entire team, with the rates shown below. This is in order to ensure we are able continue to publish books as cost-effectively as possible. Please note that Booktrope does not recoup our entire expense, and we certainly don’t profit from this! Set-up fees at present are (these are subject to change):

  • Ebook – $50
  • Paperback – $99.50
  • Paperback and ebook – $149.50
  • Republishing of existing title – $80 (i.e. content update at author request)

And with our new Frequent Flyer program for repeat authors set up is $75 for both titles

Q: What if I hate social media?
A: In truth, marketing anything in today’s world will be very difficult if you will not use social media. Because you are marketing yourself more than your books, it is going to seem strange if you do not interact on social media in some capacity. Additionally, this is something that cannot be “faked” or hired out and work well. Fans don’t want to hear from the Book Manager, they want to hear from the author. Last, because this is such an important part of our marketing efforts, Booktrope is probably not a good fit for an author unwilling, or unable, to commit to a regular social media presence. Which platforms you pursue vary based on your target market and comfort level, and should be discussed with your Book Manager when looking at an overall marketing plan. One advantage to Booktrope is that you will receive help with social marketing efforts. Social media is a social interaction and working with someone can make it more interesting and enjoyable. Your Book Manager will work with you to increase your presence on line and to help guide your efforts to channels where they will be more effective.

Q: Do you republish books that have been self-published?
A: Yes! In fact, because teams are paid via a percentage of profit, the quicker books get to market, and the more books there are in an author’s portfolio, the happier teams are to sign on to work with them.

Q: What about books that were traditionally published?
A: It depends on one thing, whether the author has had their rights reverted back to them. If you have your rights back, and have your book in electronic form, we are happy to receive your submission!

Q: Why should I give up the higher royalty I would get by self-publishing?
A: If you are happy and successful self-publishing, perhaps you shouldn’t. In our model, we offer support and a community, as well as the ability to have a full-service book production process with no up-front fees. We also have relationships at a corporate level due because our collection catalog is larger than any individual is likely to be able to produce as an independent author. For example, our relationship with Amazon, Oyster, etc. As we grow, this ability to leverage across our book portfolio will grow, allowing more opportunities for all concerned. Last, many authors love the craft of writing, but do not enjoy the business aspects of running a publishing business. Our model removes many of the day to day operations issues allowing authors to focus on what they do best, write and focus on making their books successful!

Q: Will I lose all of my awesome reviews on Amazon when I transition over to you?
A: No, we have a relationship with the Kindle team at Amazon which allows us to retain your reviews. Please be sure to leave your initial ebook on sale until after the revised version is published. Once the reviews have been brought across, you will want to remove the original version from sale.

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