Booktrope in the news! Here are a few of our favorite articles about what we are up to here at Booktrope. If you want to write about us, feel free to let us know using our Contact form, email [email protected] or on one of our social media streams.

Huffington Post – ‘Sleepless in Seattle’: A Tale of Two Authors and Their Hybrid Publisher

BadRedHead Media – Interview regarding Amazon news

Publishers Weekly - Virtuoso: Charles Johnson Pens Collaborative Children’s Book

Forbes How How Hybrid Publishers Innovate To Succeed

Seattle Magazine - A New Approach to Publishing

Booktrope’s cofounders are establishing a team-based approach to publishing and marketing new books.

TechFlash - Digital publishing will create more small publishers, more genre fiction

Why are we marketing books like we market toothpaste? That was the question that prompted Katherine Sears to start the small Seattle publishing company Booktrope. “Display is how people still market books for the most part,” Sears said. “I buy every book on Amazon. (A book) is content, material, a website. It’s not a tube of toothpaste.”

Digital Book World - How Booktrope Turned a Free Ebook Into A Bestseller

Riversong, a women’s fiction title by first-time author Tess Thomspon, is a bona fide bestseller for publisher, Booktrope, having sold about 90,000 copies to date. 

Following Amazon: Seattle-Based Small Publisher Moves to Monthly Royalty Payments

Bucking decades of convention, Amazon began offering its authors monthly royalty payments as opposed to twice annually as has been the tradition in the publishing industry. Now, a small Seattle publisher, Booktrope, is following Amazon’s lead. Will other publishers do the same?

Geekwire - The Elevator Pitch: Booktrope attempts to shake up the publishing world

We’re back for another episode of The Elevator Pitch, the show where entrepreneurs pitch their business plans in the 43 seconds it takes to ride to the top of Seattle’s iconic Space Needle. In this episode, we hear from Katherine Sears of Booktrope, a Seattle startup that’s attempting to transform the way authors publish books.

Top 6 startup ideas from NWEN’s First Look Forum

Booktrope tied for first!


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