July 03 2015

The Weekly Roundup

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Live Events:


July 8thLearning to Float: Allan Ament shares his journey as caregiver to his wife, Delores, following her stroke. This memoir speaks from the heart of a husband-caregiver. Stop by Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, Washington and join the discussion at 7pm.

July 16th ~ 19th – Meet Terry Persun (as well as other Booktrope friends and associates) at the PNWA Summer Writers’ Conference in Seattle, Washington.

July 23rd ~ 26th – Everett Maroon will be leading a workshop Cascade Writers 2015. Sign up now!

July 25thA.C. Fuller will be celebrating the launch of The Anonymous Source at Lowercase Brewing in Seattle, Washington. With beer, a prize raffle, a book reading and Mexican food, fun should abound. Join the festivities from 6 ~ 9 pm PDT.

July 25th – Several Booktrope authors will be signing at the Kiss and Tell Author Event in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania ~ including Addison Kline, S. Donahue, Cori Williams and C.D. Taylor.

July 27th – Join the Conversations with Las Comadres monthly teleconference: Featuring Eleanor Parker Sapia.

August 1st – Join H.M. Jones for an online release party for Monochrome. Meet authors, have fun and enjoy a few surprises from 8 pm ~ 11 pm EST!

August 7thE.C. Moore will be celebrating the release of Incurable on Facebook and you’re invited!

August 10thKandi J. Wyatt is hosting a Facebook party to mark the release of Dragon’s Future. Chat with authors, have fun and maybe win some prizes from 4 pm ~ 8 pm EST!


Noteworthy Moments:


[ICYMI] Friends Don’t Let Friends Mix Limes and Sun: This ‪Independence Day weekend learn from Laura Kilmartin‘s experience. “[T]he combination of lime juice and sunshine can lead to a very uncommon skin condition called phytophotodermatitis…”

[Video] Galit Breen stops by Musings on Motherhood & Midlife for an interesting conversation with Estelle Erasmus. Watch as they talk fat shaming, the pursuit of passion projects and writing.

Reindeer Herders & Lovesick Photographers: Lacking a clear historical narrative, JT Twissel invents stories for old family photos. “Once in the US, [my ancestors] turned their backs on the old world including its customs and languages. As a result I never heard tales of the old country nor did I hear mother tongues being spoken. And so, I did what any ordinary child would: I made up stories.”




50 Shades of Trolls: Rachel Thompson‘s latest article for Huffington Post takes on the ‪#‎AskElJames fiasco and many experts weigh in.

A.C. Fuller shares 3 things he learned about his ‪kids while writing his book. “Kids aren’t proud of their parents the same way parents are proud of their kids…”


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