June 06 2014

The Weekly Roundup

Live Events:


Tent at High Shelf Camp

“A backpacker’s modern lightweight dome tent near Mount Anne in a Tasmanian Wilderness area.” Original photo by JJ Harrison (CC)


June 10th – Connect with Pick Up The Damn Phone author, Joanne Black (and other social sales professionals) during #SocSales: The Ultimate Social Sales Playbook. It’s free to register. Join the conversation on Twitter.

June 13thBook Signing at Relay For Life: Stop by to grab a cup of fantastic coffee at Coterie Gallery in Buffalo, Missouri and chat with author Heather Huffman.

June 13th ~ June 15thClaudia Long invites you to join her Facebook party! Celebrate the publication of The Duel for Consuelo with fun games, prizes and giveaways.

June 28th – If you are in the Seattle area don’t miss your chance to celebrate the launch of Along the Wheel of Time: Sacred Stories for Nature Lovers with Rev. Judith Laxer.

July 13th – Join Arleen Williams for the launch of Biking Uphill at Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle, Washington!

August 2nd ~ 4thEverett Maroon will be reading from The Unintentional Time Traveler and conducting a workshop on writing trans characters at the OutWrite Book Fair in Washington, D.C.

August 27thCelebrate the launch of Please, Pretty Lights by Ina Zajac at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, Washington.

October 23rd ~ 26thMingle with Sarah Martinez and other members of the Booktrope brain trust at the Whidbey Island Writers Conference.

Noteworthy Moments:


“Windshield Spiderweb.” Image Source: Wikimedia Commons | Tysto (Public Domain)


Free Before Seventeen: As schools close for summer vacation and many young people begin to drive for the first time, Shari Ryan revisits the risks come along with the freedom of driving.  “I flipped on my turn single and began to take my turn at a left arrow, heading into the grocery store parking lot.  It was at that moment that I suddenly realized I wasn’t protected from this world’s hidden evils…”

Stop Trying to be Happier:  Sophie Weeks contradicts some of the most popular posts on social media.  “I’m not a particularly happy person…  So I was very pleased recently to read…research…that suggests that only twelve percent of our happiness is under our direct control.”

Slenderman and Real-Life Monsters: “I don’t suggest a polarizing fear leading to extra locks on the door…  Read fairy tales and scary stories with kids.  Talk to them.  Be as honest as you deem necessary.  Kids are smarter than we want them to be..,” muses horror author, Alex Kimmell.




Taking care of a young reader.

“Taking care of a young reader.” Image Source: Flickr | Joan Vega (CC)


Everything Old is New Again:  Brian McDonald walks us through how (and why) stories work.  “Humans seem to be hardwired not just for enjoying stories, but for imitating and learning from them.  People have known this for just about as long as people have been telling stories.”

Unsettled by the prospect of your book being pirated online?  Katherine Sears explains why you shouldn’t be.  “You should be thankful that one more person has been given the opportunity to tell others how amazing your work is.”


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